Police State Turns Potential Negro Swarm into "Minor Disturbance"

We need to give up our rights. If there's one truly bi-partisan idea that marxists and careerist, paycheck controlled opposition members can agree on, this is it. We need cities to go on "lock down." We need soldiers and military vehicles in our streets. We need to give up on ideas like freedom of movement and property rights. It's for our own good. After all, we've got non-Whites running amok. Once again, this biological weapon is deployed by our enemies. First they create the problem with "civil rights" and open borders and a "kill Whitey" message in the schools and on the electronic synagogue. Then they offer the solution: martial law and tyranny.

The root cause, the failure of the negro as a race and the insane policies to try to turn them into good little White citizens, must never be addressed. The obvious solution, removing the negro, the may-hee-can and other assorted brown trash from White nations, is off the table.

Eleven juveniles and one adult were arrested last night after a large group converged near the Gold Coast and were blocking traffic, police said.

A negro swarm unleashes itself on the White area of Chicongo. Like a Biblical plague the dark dysfunction lands on the debased White liberal. Will anyone learn a lesson?

The youths were part of a group that had caused a "minor disturbance" in the area, Ursitti said. She said the group members were not being violent and there were no reported injuries.

Go back to sleep Whitey, everything is fine.

Paula Bishop, 49, who was visiting from Michigan to attend her son's graduation from the Moody Bible Institute said at about 7:45 p.m. saw the group walking by. “They were cursing, being obnoxious,” said Bishop.

Shame on you, Paula. These are g*d's children. Didn't your son's JEWdeo-christian church teach you anything? We must love the rot. Inside every one of those cursing, leering, sullen monsters is a good little White Bible student trying to get out. We just need to keep pouring in the money, the discriminatory laws and the White blood.

A heavy police presence flooded the area on bicycles and on foot. Ursitti could not say how many police officers were dispatched to the area. When police arrived, members of the group began to disperse, Bishop said.

The police state deploys itself to prevent another embarrassing "White girl bleed a lot" situation. Try to contain the infection, keep it in the negro areas. Good luck.

  Look at this creature run! Get him a scholarship somewhere and access to White women!

A police officer told the group, "Chicago is closed. Time to go home."

Chicago closed due to negroes. 

Can a heavy police presence and the removal of rights prevent another Summer of Brown Mobs? This seems to be the hope of the skeletal jew running the Chicago plantation. If you honestly think that the system can reliably protect you from the 85 I.Q. nonsense you need to wake up. We need to be armed, vigilant and avoid areas where our enemies are likely to be found. Submitting to tyranny is not the answer.


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