President Soetoro Bows To May-hee-cans, Mainstream White America Ignored

I was gassing up the old White Privilege-mobile a few days ago and gas was $3.95 a gallon. Our sin debt is 16 trillion and counting with no "exit strategy" or end to the waste in sight. Illegal brown sewage is looting the remains of America and getting tax payer handouts. The summer of black swarm attacks is coming. Our cities resemble war zones. What are our elected criminals doing about all of this? They're taking vacations, plotting how they can take away our rights and going to May-hee-co to suck brown chorizos. To call it dereliction of duty is to downplay the enormity of the crime. It's full-blown treason, the planned demolition of America.

This will be the flag arrangement for all his speeches in a year or two.

At the conclusion of his speech in Mexico this morning, President Obama reminded the crowd that the nation could “assume its rightful place” if they were committed.

"Your great nation can crawl under the fence of injustice, swim the river of hardship and apply at the welfare office of destiny!"

Obama reminded the audience of their national anthem, quoting the line "in heaven your eternal destiny was written by the finger of God."

As opposed to the U.S.S.A. where the only finger we get is the middle one from the kosher scumbags pulling the strings. 

“Viva Mexico!” Obama cried as he concluded his speech. “Viva Las Estados Unidos! Que Dios los bendiga.”

No effort is even made to conceal the betrayal of normal White America. 

Just another day, another Obama failure, the gasses from America's corpse coming out of the mouth of a community organizer. Are Whites waking up? The comments give some hope.

Saying thank you for Hispanic votes, obama does know he is in another country doesn't he?
I don't understand why Obama had to go all the way down to Mexico City and deliver that speech. They are already here. Los Angeles would have been the same.
Typical hate whitey speech by obama.

Pandering in Mexico. A new low. It wouldn't surprise me to see some Democrat attempt to make the case for letting Mexicans come across the border to vote in 2014.

Weird. I guess he thinks Mexico is one of the 57 states of the US?

Corrupt, Community-Organizing, Communist fraudster. The illegal alien from Kenya seems to get along quite well w/ the hate-America crowd from Mexico.

Technically, isn't he already the prez of mexico? half of them are here, no?

How many sequestered millions did this speech cost us?

Vote por mi, todo es gratis! (except for taxpayers who will be buying your free cell phones, food stamps, paying your medical bills, housing, etc,)

Stay there, lock the gates so he can't get back in.

This is why the kosher marxists are trying to censor the internet. They can't control the "narrative" here. Whites are becoming wise to the con-game. The next step is White Nationalism.


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