Rivers of Blood

In the race to become the first White Nation to become a non-White third world mess there is little doubt that the United Kaliphate is in the lead. White natives are now a minority in London. Personal rights have eroded to the point where being able to throw a decent punch is outlawed. There's a camera on every corner and a mosque beneath it. The predictable negro rioting, crime and attacks on the few remaining Whites are met with excuses, denials and lies. The average British White is deep in a slumber of an imaginary civilized secularism that means nothing to the invading jihadan hordes. How much longer can an entire White nation ignore its own imminent destruction. In the words of Enoch Powell, "to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal."

This great betrayal has occurred. The river Tiber foams with blood. What was once a preventable evil now dominates.

The men - who were apparently assessed by MI5 as not posing a threat requiring "immediate intervention" - were arrested following the hacking to death of a serving soldier in the street in Woolwich, southeast London.

A White soldier hacked to death in an Africa-style horror. These brown monsters have no place in a White nation. Allowing them in was the ultimate treason, a calculated attack on Whites by the criminal, kosher government.

Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt said one suspect had been identified as Michael Adeboloja, a 28-year-old Londoner of Nigerian descent.

Nothing enriches a country like the presence of violent, 60 I.Q. garbage eager to kill the infidel for their false religion.

A Facebook page in honour of the Woolwich victim has received around one million 'likes'.

This is what passes for group cohesion and united resistance for the average White.

Two suspected Muslim fanatics attacked the man in the street a short distance from the Royal Artillery Barracks after apparently knocking him down with their car.

The biological weapon being used to destroy our homelands.

The new face of Europe.

Witnesses said they set about the soldier with a number of weapons, which appeared to include knives and a meat cleaver, while shouting the name of "Allah".

Jihadan morons waging holy war with the full cooperation of the powers that be. Had enough, Whitey?

The future is unwritten. There is no inevitable communist victory, no "Europe must become non-White to survive," no "there will always be a Great Britain," and no "this is 2013, how can you believe those things?" All of these are illusions created by our enemies. Tomorrow is ours to shape. Will we restore our White lands and drive out the invader or lay down and die? It's up to you, it's up to all of us. 


  1. Ah yes today's papers from the Kaliphate had a cover story showing pictures of the two with the labels "knife maniac" and "pistol maniac". Why not just print the truth. "Knife negro" and "pistol negro" or just "two negroes".

    The Ministry of Defence in Britainistan has issued a directive to soldiers not to wear their uniforms in public place for the moment. I wonder are they going to apologise for the victim having blunted the negro's knife as well as a result of the attack.

    Here in Ireland our Justice "Just us" Orthodox Jew Minister Alan Shatter is increasing the number of Irish citizenships granted to turd worlders and doing everything he can to replicate the UK situation here.

    Before Shatter it was next to impossible to get citizenship unless you had Irish patri/matrilineage now he has increased the numbers granted to about 20,000 per year from no more than 50 before him. Might not sound a lot to an American but it is to this small country. He has also introduced "citizenship ceremonies" just to make the garbage feel welcome. Everyone wants him out.

    Serious fighting, political, economic and physical is inevitable.


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