Whites Enter "Wrong Neighborhood," Are Attacked By Negroes

Summer is rapidly approaching and the black pack attacks on Whites are already piling up in the memory hole. It started in Chicago with an Easter Sunday attack on Whites by "teens." In Georgia "crackers" were assaulted by negro garbage for being on the wrong street. It appears this may be the new template for negro malfunction as a similar story from Baton Rouge suggests. Whites are forced by kosher criminals to share living space with low I.Q. genetic aliens and are then attacked because "dis be our 'hood." The media is silent, the entertainment industry encourages it and the justice system is afraid to punish it. We have to protect ourselves, we have to be armed and ready.

He was in the "wrong neighborhood" is just one reason a man gave as to why he was punched in the face. His wife and daughter were also hit. 

Racially motivated brown swarm attacks, negro scum preying on Whites. Note how the beginning of the article downplays the seriousness of the attack. We'll later learn how extensive the damage inflicted by the brown monsters was.

The owners of the gas station did not want to comment on camera, but said there's a wide variety of customers in and out of the store in the daytime. At night, though, it's not the safest of places, especially with the area having some of the highest crime in the city.

The wonderful gift of "diversity," various identical-looking, thinking and behaving brown people, all of whom are full of almost unimaginable hatred for all Whites. The article blames the crime on the night and the area. The real cause is low intelligence, an alien culture incompatible with Western Civilization and a system that encourages the dysfunction.

"The defendant (Dickerson) approached the white male victim," the police report stated. It went on to read, "the defendant told him he was in the wrong neighborhood and he was not going to make it out." The victim said that's when he "was punched and knocked to the ground."

Another unarmed White victim of the undeclared, completely one-sided race war against Whites.

Of those three, Dickerson was arrested and charged with second-degree battery. The other two suspects, Devin Bessye, 24, and Ashley Simmons, 22, were released on site after police wrote them each a summons for simple battery. "The defendant (Dickerson) approached the white male victim," the police report stated.

Imagine if the races were reversed, if negroes were told they were in a White neighborhood and then brutally beaten until unconscious. The jew-controlled media would go into overdrive. It would be a "hate crime" and the lead story on the news. The "White man bad" message they love so much would be repeated endlessly. Everyone would know the names of the victims. The criminals would be locked away forever.

When it's blacks attacking Whites, which is the case in the overwhelming percentage of such crimes, it's quickly hushed up. The negro animals aren't even punished. Maybe a year in the "crib" followed by an early release, back on the old Obama-fare, back to preying on Whites.

This turd attacked a White family. The punishment? A slap on the wrist.

The victim suffered "a broken eye socket, broken nose, and several lacerations to the face," and his wife was knocked unconscious.

A little more serious than just getting "punched" like the start of the article stated. This easily could have ended with a "pack attack gone wrong" and another dead White. 

As to whether this falls under a hate crime, police said early reports show it does not meet the statute but remains under investigation.

Because "hate crime" laws are rabbinical nonsense designed to punish Whites for saying "niggardly" within ear-shot of a negro or noticing racial realities and commenting on it.

All three defendants, Dickerson, Bessye and Simmons, have had run-ins with the law prior to Sunday's incident. 

There's the surprise of the century. Worthless living fossils with mile-long criminal records unleashed as a biological weapon against Whites. Business as usual in the U.S.S.A.

The summer of black pack attacks is here. We are being targeted by dark animals. We need to be armed and avoid negro areas as much as possible. This horrific attack could have been prevented if the victim had followed one or both of those rules. The average negro has a virulent, marxist-instilled hatred of Whites. They will attack you for no reason other than your race. Until these elements can be removed, we must protect ourselves. Be on your guard, don't become the next forgotten name in a hush crime attack.  


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