"Youths" Riot in Sweden

Europe must be flooded with as many non-Whites as possible. Our enemies have decided that this is an unquestionable truth. Whether to atone for imaginary "colonial" sins or to share the White-generated prosperity like a good little marxist, we need this flood of human sewage in White nations. Just consider the benefits! Sharia law! White girls "randomly" stabbed by brown animals! Riots from genetic, cultural and religious aliens! Yes, the browning of Europe is a great thing, says the kosher wire-puller.

Now the "diversity" of identical looking, thinking and acting monsters has produced rioting in Sweden. What was once the land of Vikings is now the land of jihad, pack rape, welfare colonists and White cowardice.

Some 200 youths hurled rocks at police and set cars ablaze in a largely immigrant suburb of Stockholm on Tuesday, the second day of rioting triggered by the fatal police shooting of a man wielding a knife.

A brown monster brings a knife to a gun-fight, with predictable results. This touches off full-blown African chaos in the heart of a White nation. Outside garbage, burning and looting. Why are they allowed in Sweden, or for that matter any White land? Why are we denied the basic human right of self-determination? We are under attack. We are being targeted for genocide.

Dozens of windows were smashed, 10 cars and several containers were set on fire, and seven police officers were injured. Cars and containers were also set ablaze in another of the Swedish capital’s suburbs, Fittja, although police said it was not clear whether the two events were linked.

"Multi-Culturalism" is so enriching. We must open White nations, and only Whites nations, to outside invasion. The planned destruction of the West continues.

Non-White immigration produces chaos. In other news, water is wet.

“This is not OK. We will not give in to violence,” Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said. “We must all help out to regain calm. The residents of Husby need to get their neighborhood back.”

The feckless, treasonous empty suit blows hot air. Time to tell the truth. We must remove the non-Whites that never should have been allowed in to begin with.

“It’s frustrating and difficult to see how those of us who live here get affected by something that has nothing to do with us,” said university student Muhamad Abukar, 24. “And then outsiders get the idea that we are animals, uncivilized.”

You are uncivilized animals, Muhamad. You have no place in White nation. 

Abukar said he had seen the riots from his balcony and that those involved were mainly teenagers aged 13 to 16.

Those darn "teens" at it again. Please don't notice reality, Whitey. 

Another White nation brought to its knees by outside invasion. More excuses, more lies, more rot. The death of the West is inevitable if we stay on this current path. The only answer is White Nationalism, restoring our homelands and removing the dark outsiders.


  1. Have you heard the latest from the United Kalipahte A.J.

    'Soldier beheaded' in 'Islamist terror attack' oustide barracks in Woolwich
    6:10PM BST 22 May 2013

    Telegraph Article

    The Journal Ireland Article



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