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Internet Fame and Shoes Motivate "Teen" Attack

The hatred of Whites is epidemic in the "African American" community. It's almost impossible to comprehend this mindless, animal emotion directed at the only thing keeping the negro from falling back into African all vs. all. The protective hand of Whites allows the negro to live a life of welfare dependency, indolence and idiocy. Our reward for this is at best sullen resentment and at worst negro pack attacks.

Police say the incident happened in broad daylight along Brookline Boulevard. A 15-year-old boy was at the center to play some hoops.

If you're White you should avoid going into negro areas to play African Tree Hockey. You will be attacked.

That’s when a group of African-American teenage boys approached the white victim and began beating him, allegedly to steal his basketball shoes, and for website notoriety.

At least this bit of simian shoe pathology isn't being described as self-defense.

On the video the group of boys can be heard screaming the name of the …

"Teens" Run Wild at Mall, No Arrests

Rule of Law is racist. It must be, since everyone is equal and yet our "over-crowded" prisons are packed full of la-teen-ohs and "African Americans." The new solution seems to be simply ignoring the brown lawlessness as much as possible and covering this dereliction of duty with some tough talk that amounts to hot air. For example a negro might "bust" during a shoe altercation without being punished in any way. Or we could come up with useless non-racist descriptions of suspects that make it impossible for police to do their jobs. There's always the possibility of releasing habitual negro offenders to run amok over and over. In this new, fundamentally transformed U.S.S.A. we can only expect things to get worse, then the big collapse.

Call it the brawl at the mall. Police believe a posting on a social media website drew at least 200 teenagers to the Lauderhill Mall around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday to participate in a melee.

Call it the rumble in the jungle. Tho…

Appalling Negro Attack on White Mother Caught on "Nanny Cam."

We are in the middle of a one-sided, undeclared race war against Whites. Every day Whites are preyed upon by the brown sewage unleashed by the kosher nation wreckers and every day these stories vanish into the memory hole. If you are White you need to be armed, especially if you are elderly, weak, disabled or a woman. These Whites are singled out by the violent, idiotic negro coward. A gun is the equalizer. Today's sickening story is just the latest example of the silent genocide occurring in the U.S.S.A.

Police are searching for the robber who punched and kicked a young mother in front of her 3-year-old daughter before throwing her down the stairs of her home in an upscale New Jersey community, and authorities hope footage of the attack captured on a nanny camera will help identify the intruder.

These sort of home invasions are going to become increasingly common as the rule of law erodes and "we could never jail all these criminals!" becomes the official line from the o…

Retarded Negro Sodomized at Obama School

Who will be the next Barry Soetoro? I'm sure some narcissistic mulatto scumbag is being secretly groomed by the nation wreckers right now. This new useful idiot will then suddenly erupt on the scene fully formed and the same dark disaster will play out again. Meanwhile, the negro imagines they can create the next Kenyan communist on their own, without the kosher assistance that has propped up the entire lie of equality. The result is the same result we always get from the negro when they are left to their own devices: total and complete pathology. In this case a 50 I.Q. negro was sodomized by his down-low classmate.

 A seventh-grade boy was allegedly raped by another male student during gym class at Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy in Los Angeles two weeks ago.

What happened to this negro is what Obama and his wire-pullers have been doing to the entire country.

The 13-year-old boy, identified only as Julian, is a special-needs student at the middle school, reports KTLA. He ha…

Amazing New Shoes Lead to Negro Violence

The American negro is agitated by a large number of stimuli. Overpriced sweatshop sneakers are certainly on that list, causing negro agitation, rioting and in today's story deadly violence. The mad rush to spend the welfare check on maybe five dollars worth of material and labor selling for $180 left a negro dead. This is the rich culture of the "African American" and the content of their character.

Greedy shoe companies making select sneakers needlessly exclusive paired together with consumer exuberance, desperation, and American gun culture on Saturday long enough to cost one would-be alleged robber his life.

Translation: Greedy shoe companies selling sweatshop crap from the armpit of Asia paired with the childlike mind of the negro, welfare from the White sucker and American negro culture led to the death of some worthless animal at the hands of another worthless animal.

Notice the never-ending attempts by the dinosaur media to blame negro pathology on "gun cultur…

New York Police To Ignore Reality Because It Hurts Feelings

Cultural marxism, liberalism and "progressive" beliefs can be summarized as a deep hatred of reality. At its most extreme these positions become a full-blown mental illness, a delusional insistence on ideas that not only are false, but are obviously false. Not surprisingly, trying to apply this insanity to policy decisions results in predictable disaster. The U.S.S.A. that we now live in is the end result of marxist madness over an extended period of time. It has now officially reached the point where it's lost any semblance of rational thought.

Cops might as well wear blindfolds if the City Council passes a bill that would let them use little more than the color of a suspect’s clothing in descriptions — or risk being sued for profiling, according to this provocative new ad (pictured) from the NYPD captains union.

How giving a description of a suspect qualifies as "profiling" is something that simply defies logic. This is the end game of the "victim classes…

Obese Criminal Negress Blames Whites For Chicago Rot

One of the problems the cultural marxist faces is that their religious beliefs clash with reality. We are told that the negro and may-hee-can are our equals, but then they consistently fail to live up to even the mildest standards of civilized behavior. Faced with this failure the lies are deployed, because the alternative is admitting racial reality which would bring the whole house of cards down. They blame "poverty," they blame "structural racism," and, of course, they blame Whites. It's our fault Jamal has an 85 I.Q. It's hard to believe this insanity ever gained any traction, let alone became the accepted orthodoxy for over fifty years and counting.

At least now the marxist's days are numbered. The truth is here. No more kosher deceits.

In a scathing speech on Wednesday, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union charged that racism and “rich white people” are to blame for the immense financial crisis facing the Chicago Public Schools.

Our enemies …

Swedes Turning to "Extreme" Websites, Ignoring Sites of Criminal Careerists

By now all of the fires have been put out in Sweden. The invading brown scum has stopped openly rioting and returned to their default state of sullen entitlement. The cars are no longer burning, but a new fire is being kindled in the minds of the White Swedes: The fire of White Nationalism. The cultural marxist lies have been exposed, their program of "multi-culturalism" has been the spectacular failure it was always intended to be. Now the time has come to reclaim our lands.

The seven most popular far-right websites attract a total of 145,000 unique visitors a day, according to the report, which was prepared by the government-run Swedish Media Council and handed to the government on Tuesday.

The spirit of the Viking warrior awakens. Our enemies are terrified and rightly so.

"I'm surprised to find out that (the sites) have seven times more visitors than the total of all parties in parliament," Ulf Dahlquist, the council's research director, told Sveriges Radi…

Kosher Entertainment: Talentless Negro (C)rapper Walks on Flag

Watching the death of what was once America has not been a pleasant experience. It hasn't been easy watching the poison of communism spread through the body politic, seeing the death spasms of "diversity" and the gushing wounds of jew-controlled "entertainment." As our economic strength, the only thing keeping the U.S.S.A. alive on life support, is lost the whole rotten structure is coming down. The only remaining question is will we use this "do over" to stop the rot or will it simply herald the beginning of third world status, tribal warfare and endless dark night. Until then, the ugly kosher spectacle continues, celebrating the successful marxist destruction while apparently oblivious to the coming crisis of Peak Civilization.

Lil Wayne trampled the American flag over the weekend ... and there's footage.

A worthless negro who is considered untalented even compared to the rest of the kosher mess steps on a flag that used to mean something, once u…

Another Weekend of Tribal Warfare in Chicago

This Sunday was Father's Day, arguably the most "Whites Only" holiday of the year. The idea of a father that plays a critical role in raising a child, or even a father that's actually present, has little traction among the "R Strategy" races. Instead the government is the father, dispensing hand-outs stolen from the White tax-paying sucker and teaching lessons like "everything races" and "kill Whitey." This sort of parenting, combined with low I.Q., propensity toward violence, lack of future orientation and all the other issues that plague the brown mass leads to predictable failure. For the negro and la-teen-oh Father's Day meant gunshot wounds, bicycles as getaway cars, shots to the "dome," and emergency medical care that will be charged to the White devil.

Seven people were killed and at least 30 others were shot in violence that plagued Chicago over Father's Day weekend.

Must be summer time in the city. Negro and may…

Detroit Rot City "Tapped Out" Says Magic Negro

The negro is unable to self-govern. When the protective hand of the White tax-paying sucker is removed the result is South Sudan, The Witchcraft Belt, Haiti, East St. Louis and Detroit. This failed race is simply incapable of the long-term planning and deferred gratification required to make a civilization work. Detroit is possibly the most striking example, going from one of America's most prosperous cities to the Midwest Mogadishu in less than a century. Today it's stands as a monument to the failure of the negro: the crime, the ruins, the excuses, the "save us Whitey," the typical rot that accompanies the "African American" wherever they're found in significant numbers.

It's also broke.

Addressing reporters following the meeting, Orr said there’s still a 50-50 chance Detroit will file for a municipal bankruptcy.

It's probably closer to a 100-0 chance, but the magical negro needs to keep up appearances and lie, lie, lie.

“This is not a jaded eff…

White Genocide Looms Large

The ultimate goal of our enemies is the total destruction of the White race. Anything less than that will not be acceptable. There will never come a time when we're a "protected minority" or even a time when the endless kosher attacks on our people are deemed unnecessary. As long as one White person lives, we will still be targeted. Complete destruction via a combination of miscegenation, the sodomite agenda, feminism, careerism, materialism and non-White violence is the communist end game. Right now they're winning.

Deaths of white people outnumbered births for the very first time in US history, the Census Bureau revealed Thursday. The census predicts that significant drops in birth rates v death rates will be regular by 2025.

It doesn't take a genius to see where this trend will take us. Genocide.

Such a natural decrease within the white population is the first of its kind and was not even observed in the US during wars or Depression, the Washington Post reported…

Today's Treason

I don't recognize my own country anymore. I guess this is the "fundamental transformation" we were promised. As an Orwellian nightmare of surveillance, speech control and thought control unfolds, as government agencies are deployed against concerned citizens, as the sin debt spirals out of control fueled by federal reserve counterfeiting our elected criminals seem more concerned with who can betray what used to be America in the most sickening way. After all, we need more welfare colonists and ideas like "Rule of Law" and "National Identity and Vision" are stupid dead White male racism anyway. Bring on the invasion, with the full consent of elected traitors.

Sen. Tim Kaine, a Virginia Democrat, delivered a speech on the Senate floor in Spanish on Tuesday as he made his push for the chamber to pass his immigration bill.

Open betrayal and treason. A useful idiot panders to the Third World. A nation dies.

Mr. Kaine said he would deliver his remarks in Span…

"Consevative" Panders to Criminals in Foreign Language

What are conservatives conserving? Over the past few decades we've seen our cities destroyed by brown monsters, the sodomite agenda win victory after uncontested victory, the complete destruction of the family, over 50 million abortions and an open-border invasion of brown sewage from the Third World. For the RepellingCohen party it's just been one defeat after another, the long shadow following tyranny, the good losers, the "This is *insert current year here* we must change with the times!" party. Why any White person would ever support this mess is one of the bigger mysteries of modern U.S.S.A. history.

The current face-palm plan involves making 40 million or so illegal meskins into citizens so that the permanent welfare "victim" underclass can out-number productive White tax-paying suckers. From the Demoncrap perspective it's sensible: little brown slaves that will gladly vote for marxism. I guess the Loser Party thinks they'll get cheaper Tacos …

Appeasing May-hee-co A High Priority For U.S.S.A. Government

The coming amnesty will help to greatly accelerate the inevitable collapse and speed the death of America. As a meaningful corporate entity we're already doomed and the only question is when. The introduction of 40 million brown welfare colonists as part of a bi-partisan suicide pact has no possible benefit and yet it has been pushed relentlessly by the nation wreckers. You don't improve anything by adding 40 million may-hee-cans to it, not Mexico and certainly not America. The Mexican knows that, which is why they're sending us their garbage.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), a top member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, cited reporting from The Hill in arguing that the Mexican embassy and other foreign entities have had access to lawmakers, while the law enforcement community has been shut out.

The fundamental transformation into another Latin American mess. Meskin foreigners steering our policy decisions.

“Even foreign countries have had a say in drafting our law,” Sessions…

School's Out in The Midwest Mogadishu

In healthier times the last day of school meant the beginning of a glorious summer vacation, a chance to spend time in nature with friends and family and just get away from the grind for a little while and enjoy one's youth. Now it means negro riots, steak knives, massive police presence to regain control and 85 I.Q. creatures recording the entire mess and then posting it with pride online. These are the "stereotypes." Consider them confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt.

A flood of more than 300 fighting students poured out of Proviso East High School on their last day of school May 31 and carried into the streets of Maywood for several hours, police said.

A flood of brown sewage spews out of a publik skool, bringing typical dysfunction. 400,000 negroes and may-hee-cans have been unleashed in Rahm's plantation. It's going to be a long summer.

At least 10 students were arrested, including a girl allegedly using two chef’s knives after being beaten down by other stu…

IRS Now Means "Negro" According to Dinosaur Media

As the U.S.S.A. becomes a bizarre combination of a Latin American dictatorship, an African witchcraft belt all vs. all and the former Soviet Union it becomes difficult to recognize the Republic that used to exist, once upon a time. We now live in a land where marxists use agencies like the IRS to suppress their enemies, where narrative and good-feel not only trumps logic but nukes it from orbit. Don't like this state of affairs? You must be "racist."

The GOP is using the term “IRS” in place of the term “n****r,” MSNBC host Martin Bashir claimed on his Wednesday show.

This is the level of debate in our ruined nation. Losing an argument? Mired in scandal? Just throw out slurs and "KKK" references and everything should be fine. The Loser Party is not our friend, of course. If there is a political solution that doesn't involve full national collapse it needs to be replaced.

There probably won't be such a solution.

“Republicans are using [the IRS scandal] as t…

Phony Hate Crime in United Kaliphate

In the U.S.S.A. the phony "hate" crime occurs with clockwork regularity, usually involving deranged dykes or sheet-induced panic. This tactic has proven effective for our enemies, as it allows them to make political hay, condemn evil Whitey and by the time the hoax is revealed the cameras are gone and some new false outrage is dominating headlines. With Whites beginning to show signs of life in the ordinarily feckless United Kaliphate it looks like it's time to use this marxist trick there.

The Met Police said the fire, which happened at the Al-Rahma Islamic Centre in Muswell Hill in the early hours, is being treated as suspicious.

The article then goes on to jump to all sorts of crazy conclusions, but the evidence simply isn't there. Whites are always behind every evil, after all, so it's safe to assume they burned down one of probably a million muslim-themed buildings in Britainistan.

A spokesman said the letters EDL (English Defence League) were sprayed on to th…

June Declared Sodomite Pride Month

The success of the sodomite agenda has been nothing short of staggering, especially when you take into account the natural revulsion these deviants produce in normal people. It's an object lesson in how, with complete control of the media and educational system, just about anything can be promoted, from "we're all equal" to "marxism is good" and now "inserting objects into your rectum for sexual gratification is respectable."

The goal, of course, is the destruction of normal White America and promoting sodomite depravity is just one tool used by our enemies, along with feminism, no-fault divorce, miscegenation, non-White attacks on Whites and all the rest. We are being targeted for elimination by sick, evil individuals. Today, we reached a new low as our criminal, illegitimate government declared June to be Sodomite Month, joining Mulatto History Month and Mexican Month.

President Obama on Friday officially proclaimed June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual…

Eroding Rule of Law Unleashes Negro Felons

We're on the cusp of granting citizenship to an estimated 40 million may-hee-cans, a move that will greatly accelerate the already imminent collapse of the U.S.S.A. Various excuses and specious arguments have been made and while we've gotten the usual snow job about "poor hard-working Pablo, oh the humanity" and "cheaper burritos" the central thesis has been "we could never, ever, actually enforce our immigration laws so let's just give up." Yes, that is what passes for political discourse in our kosher, dying nation.

This idea of "we can't do it, we're helpless" is spreading through our legal system. Now we can't enforce the laws and punish the negro rot, either. Expect to see a push for "amnesty" for imprisoned negro felons in a few years. We'll hear the excuses like "poor future rapper Tyrone, cheated by poverty, oh the humanity" and "over-crowded prisons" but the bottom line is the sy…