Amazing New Shoes Lead to Negro Violence

The American negro is agitated by a large number of stimuli. Overpriced sweatshop sneakers are certainly on that list, causing negro agitation, rioting and in today's story deadly violence. The mad rush to spend the welfare check on maybe five dollars worth of material and labor selling for $180 left a negro dead. This is the rich culture of the "African American" and the content of their character.

Greedy shoe companies making select sneakers needlessly exclusive paired together with consumer exuberance, desperation, and American gun culture on Saturday long enough to cost one would-be alleged robber his life.

Translation: Greedy shoe companies selling sweatshop crap from the armpit of Asia paired with the childlike mind of the negro, welfare from the White sucker and American negro culture led to the death of some worthless animal at the hands of another worthless animal.

Notice the never-ending attempts by the dinosaur media to blame negro pathology on "gun culture," whatever the hell that is. We've got to keep trying to disarm Whitey. I'm not sure where the "desperation" comes in. It's negroes spending money earned by Whites on a luxury item, not a Soviet breadline.

LeBron James’ signature shoe outside Atlanta were being harassed by a reported pickpocket until one patron decided to pull a gun out and shoot the as-yet unidentified man in what is being considered a move motivated by self-defense.

Another brown alien brushed up against me and maybe tried to "run my pockets" so I had to "bust." This is self-defense, somehow. Contrast this with a case that actually was self-defense but fit the anti-White kosher narrative, unlike today's tale of 85 I.Q. creatures preying on each other and fighting over sneakers. 

Witnesses told one man in line outside Wish, a clothing and shoe store on Moreland Avenue, pulled out a gun and shot the would-be robber.

The casual, mindless violence of the dark people. We're given the impression that this was a self-defense situation in the face of a mugging, an impression that doesn't seem to square with the facts we were given. If someone tries to pick your pocket you can retaliate with deadly violence? Only if you're a non-White.

The shooter then got back in line, according to Channel 2 Action News.

The negro anti-soul.

One witness says the deceased got what he deserved. From the Journal-Constitution: “He [the shooter] really stood up for all of us,” said Taylor White, who told Channel 2 that he was in line when the shooting happened. “I salute the homie that did that.”

Here's to you, Homie. Enjoy your new burglar boots.

Full Story.

Another day in the U.S.S.A. Negroes spending government handouts on effeminate footwear and shooting each other. These monsters have no place in a White nation.


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