Appalling Negro Attack on White Mother Caught on "Nanny Cam."

We are in the middle of a one-sided, undeclared race war against Whites. Every day Whites are preyed upon by the brown sewage unleashed by the kosher nation wreckers and every day these stories vanish into the memory hole. If you are White you need to be armed, especially if you are elderly, weak, disabled or a woman. These Whites are singled out by the violent, idiotic negro coward. A gun is the equalizer. Today's sickening story is just the latest example of the silent genocide occurring in the U.S.S.A.

Police are searching for the robber who punched and kicked a young mother in front of her 3-year-old daughter before throwing her down the stairs of her home in an upscale New Jersey community, and authorities hope footage of the attack captured on a nanny camera will help identify the intruder.

These sort of home invasions are going to become increasingly common as the rule of law erodes and "we could never jail all these criminals!" becomes the official line from the one party system. We have to be ready to defend ourselves. Here in a "good" neighborhood a brown monster brutalizes a White woman.

The real life "African American" is a little different from the ones on the Talmudvision.

Millburn Police in Essex County said the woman and her daughter were watching cartoons on the couch, a baby boy asleep upstairs, when the suspect kicked in the dead-bolted door of their Cypress Street home at about 10:30 a.m. Friday and pounced on the mother.

Daylight break-ins. The fundamental transformation into South Africa. Locks aren't going to stop the jungle savage. The gun will. We must protect our White women.

The suspect beat the mother as the little girl watched, punching and kicking the woman at least 16 times before pushing her down the basement stairs, police said. 

The content of their character.

Will this be your wife, daughter or mother?

"She stayed quiet because she didn't want to upset the 3-year-old child who was witnessing the whole crime," said Millburn Police Captain Michael Palardy, who called the brutal assault "despicable."  

These moronic monsters need to be removed from our nations. 

Millburns is regularly ranked as the top school district and one of the most peaceful suburbs in New Jersey. The violence and randomness of the assault has shaken neighbors.  

We can't run away from the rot anymore. Cowardice, retreat and efforts to buy time have been the prevailing White strategy for fifty years. This is the end result.

"I keep thinking about what if it happened to me. What would I do?" wondered Marie Crespi. "I just can't imagine.'

I can imagine. I'd hear the crash of the door breaking down. I'd get my shotgun. The negro would become much more aerodynamic. 

If you don't know what to do in this situation, consider the above a crash course. Don't become another forgotten White victim of dark pathology. Arm yourself.

You can watch footage of this horrific crime at the above link. This is what we are fighting against. I never want to read a story like this again, but as long as the insanity of "diversity" and "equality" reigns it's just a matter of time. We need White Nations.


  1. I feel sick. I have started saving for a Glock even though I don't live in a country with many negros. I already own a shotgun. I have said this before buy a gun but train with it until it becomes second nature. Get a professional to teach you correct technique and practice until it becomes spilt second reflex action, train, train, train and the next time Deshaun or Jamal decide to invite themselves into your home exercise your rights! God bless.


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