Appeasing May-hee-co A High Priority For U.S.S.A. Government

The coming amnesty will help to greatly accelerate the inevitable collapse and speed the death of America. As a meaningful corporate entity we're already doomed and the only question is when. The introduction of 40 million brown welfare colonists as part of a bi-partisan suicide pact has no possible benefit and yet it has been pushed relentlessly by the nation wreckers. You don't improve anything by adding 40 million may-hee-cans to it, not Mexico and certainly not America. The Mexican knows that, which is why they're sending us their garbage.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), a top member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, cited reporting from The Hill in arguing that the Mexican embassy and other foreign entities have had access to lawmakers, while the law enforcement community has been shut out.

The fundamental transformation into another Latin American mess. Meskin foreigners steering our policy decisions.

“Even foreign countries have had a say in drafting our law,” Sessions said. “Well, the law officers weren't in the room. We know that.”

The coming One World and its coffee-colored slaves with no heritage, culture, mind or future.

The bill's defenders say it contains numerous provisions to strengthen border security and enforcement of the nation's immigration laws.

If we're dumb enough to believe this, we deserve what we're going to get.

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Another scene from a dying nation. Taking orders from foreign garbage. We must restore a White Nation, it's our only hope.


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