Eroding Rule of Law Unleashes Negro Felons

We're on the cusp of granting citizenship to an estimated 40 million may-hee-cans, a move that will greatly accelerate the already imminent collapse of the U.S.S.A. Various excuses and specious arguments have been made and while we've gotten the usual snow job about "poor hard-working Pablo, oh the humanity" and "cheaper burritos" the central thesis has been "we could never, ever, actually enforce our immigration laws so let's just give up." Yes, that is what passes for political discourse in our kosher, dying nation.

This idea of "we can't do it, we're helpless" is spreading through our legal system. Now we can't enforce the laws and punish the negro rot, either. Expect to see a push for "amnesty" for imprisoned negro felons in a few years. We'll hear the excuses like "poor future rapper Tyrone, cheated by poverty, oh the humanity" and "over-crowded prisons" but the bottom line is the system no longer cares about punishing negro crime.

Oddly enough, this new "oh well" attitude toward law enforcement will not apply to Whites, especially Whites that have unpopular opinions that go against the marxist orthodoxy. For these heretics, everything from the FBI to the IRS is deployed and the system suddenly has all the resources and time in the world. Thought crime is priority one now. Negro and meskin crime? Who cares.

Since 2002, he's faced seven felony charges. One of those was in March of this year. But Wednesday, he wasn't behind bars, he was on the streets. Allegedly trying to sell a stolen car.

I guess that "seven strikes and you're out" law isn't working.

"The trials are prioritized based on whether not its a violent crime or whether or not the case has been sitting on the docket for some time," said D.A. Robert Smith.

Now we get to hear about the "over-crowded" courts. The wonders of diversity.

Homo erectus just can't stay out of trouble.

"The two cases that we have, have been indicted. So he's awaiting trial on the two cases that we have." Even though Payton had six prior felony charges and 24 misdemeanors.

There is nothing unique or unexpected about this negro's pathology. We are forced to live next to millions of brown monsters just like this one. They are simply unable to conform to the very modest expectations of a civilized White nation. They need to be removed.

"We can't be enforcin' all dese laws and sheet."
"Since he has been flagged by our administration, then of course he is not eligible for bond. So he will not be able to be released. "
"Now that this one particular case has become a massive embarrassment we'll finally do our job."

"It should be rehabilitation, and then if that does not work, then it's prison." says Rod, a long-time resident.

It should be deportation from White nations and then if that does not work, then it's execution.

A negro with a criminal record a mile long, a 70 I.Q. and foreign DNA is repeatedly released to commit more crimes. This is the future, the complete collapse of order. It's just a matter of time before the illegitimate, criminal government decides it's time for "negro amnesty" and the prison doors open, releasing dark sewage. If you're White you have to plan for this coming disaster and keep yourself safe. Be armed, be ready, avoid the "diversity." We must survive and then restore what was lost.


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