Obese Criminal Negress Blames Whites For Chicago Rot

One of the problems the cultural marxist faces is that their religious beliefs clash with reality. We are told that the negro and may-hee-can are our equals, but then they consistently fail to live up to even the mildest standards of civilized behavior. Faced with this failure the lies are deployed, because the alternative is admitting racial reality which would bring the whole house of cards down. They blame "poverty," they blame "structural racism," and, of course, they blame Whites. It's our fault Jamal has an 85 I.Q. It's hard to believe this insanity ever gained any traction, let alone became the accepted orthodoxy for over fifty years and counting.

At least now the marxist's days are numbered. The truth is here. No more kosher deceits.

In a scathing speech on Wednesday, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union charged that racism and “rich white people” are to blame for the immense financial crisis facing the Chicago Public Schools.

Our enemies are irony-proof. This is the same bloated, ugly, greedy piece of living dog shit that led a "gibs me dat" strike which  unleashed a plague of 400,000 "teens." Ultimately the "Chicago Bull" skeletal jew meekly surrendered to the demands, helping to insure this "immense financial crisis" would occur.

But it's still Whitey's fault. Somehow.

In her remarks to an audience at the upscale City Club of Chicago, union boss Karen Lewis strongly criticized Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. She also urged the city schools to follow the strategic blueprint of the Chicago Cubs baseball team.

Careful negress, we all know who is at the top of the Progressive Stack. I don't follow sports because they're a jew controlled waste of time used to push the sodomite agenda so I have no idea what the Cubs have been doing. So I did sixty seconds worth of research. Current record: 29-41. Yeah, there's a strategic blueprint for success.

 This turd blamed Whites.

“When will there be an honest conversation about the poverty, racism and inequality that hinders the delivery of a quality education product in our school system?”

Marxism is a mental illness. Let's have that honest conversation. The average negro has an 85 I.Q., a full standard deviation below the mean for Whites. They commit seven times the violent crime according to the Department of Justice. For over half a century we've spent an obscene amount of time, money and blood trying to uplift a failed branch of humanity that contains foreign DNA. 
That's an honest conversation, not the same communist tall tales of "poverty" and "inequality." The inequality is genetic, the poverty is a poverty of the soul. White tax dollars aren't going to change this.

“When will we address the fact that rich, white people think they know what’s in the best interest of children of African Americans and Latinos—no matter what the parent’s income or education level.”

Because blaming Whites is a new and novel thing that we haven't been hearing for decades. The mind of a make-work, affirmative action, corpulent union swine. 

Our enemies hate us, but at the same time they recognize, perhaps only at a subconscious level, that if the protective hand of the White race were removed the result would be the African all vs. all, or Detroit Rot City. Despite all the evil "racism" and "inequality" they keep flooding into White nations. They need us to bankroll their pathology. We don't need them and in the future, when White countries are restored, they will be removed.


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