Retarded Negro Sodomized at Obama School

Who will be the next Barry Soetoro? I'm sure some narcissistic mulatto scumbag is being secretly groomed by the nation wreckers right now. This new useful idiot will then suddenly erupt on the scene fully formed and the same dark disaster will play out again. Meanwhile, the negro imagines they can create the next Kenyan communist on their own, without the kosher assistance that has propped up the entire lie of equality. The result is the same result we always get from the negro when they are left to their own devices: total and complete pathology. In this case a 50 I.Q. negro was sodomized by his down-low classmate.

 A seventh-grade boy was allegedly raped by another male student during gym class at Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy in Los Angeles two weeks ago.

What happened to this negro is what Obama and his wire-pullers have been doing to the entire country.

The 13-year-old boy, identified only as Julian, is a special-needs student at the middle school, reports KTLA. He has the mental capacity of a six-to-eight year old.

As opposed to the average age 13 negro, who has the mental capacity of an eleven year old.

The boy’s parents, who are also only identified by their first names, announced plans to to sue the Los Angeles Unified School District on Monday.

Let the negro lottery begin. The White tax-paying sucker will get the bill.

The profound ugliness of modern America.

At a press conference, Brian Claypool, an attorney retained by the family, said that Julian’s physical education teacher left Julian unsupervised during class. The alleged assailant, an unidentified eighth-grade boy, then lured Julian behind a set of bleachers and sexually assaulted him.

"We praised sodomy as an alternative lifestyle and then were shocked, just shocked, when they started doing it."

Blurry rape monsters at the Obummer Academy.

“How was he wandering throughout the school, running around, recruiting another boy to have sex with him behind a bleacher?” Claypool demanded indignantly in front of a bevy of reporters. “Does anybody at LAUSD care where the kids are during a class?”

"I'm going to get a big pile of geld from this negro pathology! Jackpot!"

I heard "Obama school rape" and just saw huge dollar signs.

“Somebody, that particular day, dropped the ball,” said the 13-year-old boy’s mother Toyian.

"We can't expect 85 I.Q. animals to not rape each other if you turn your back for a few minutes."

We are told by the cultural marxist that inserting penis and other objects into the rectum is a wonderful thing that should be encouraged as much as possible. We are told the negro is our equal. Then we see where both of these insane ideas lead. Another valuable life lesson from the Obama School. 


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