School's Out in The Midwest Mogadishu

In healthier times the last day of school meant the beginning of a glorious summer vacation, a chance to spend time in nature with friends and family and just get away from the grind for a little while and enjoy one's youth. Now it means negro riots, steak knives, massive police presence to regain control and 85 I.Q. creatures recording the entire mess and then posting it with pride online. These are the "stereotypes." Consider them confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt.

A flood of more than 300 fighting students poured out of Proviso East High School on their last day of school May 31 and carried into the streets of Maywood for several hours, police said.

A flood of brown sewage spews out of a publik skool, bringing typical dysfunction. 400,000 negroes and may-hee-cans have been unleashed in Rahm's plantation. It's going to be a long summer.

At least 10 students were arrested, including a girl allegedly using two chef’s knives after being beaten down by other students

More negro knife crime, now in the U.S.S.A. No one got their head sawed off this time.

The fight required more than 40 officers from neighboring agencies including Oak Park, Forest Park, Westchester, Bellwood and Broadview, according to the Forest Park Review.

When it comes to the negro we pay, and pay, and pay. It might be easier just to throw a giant net over the area. Fifty plus years of surrendering our rights, money and blood for this outcome.

Future astrophysicists, oceanographers, lawyers and rappers, turning their life around.

The fights were recorded on students’ cell phones and posted to YouTube and Facebook.
The mind and anti-soul of your average "teen."

Summer is here and so is the predictable failure of genetic and cultural outsiders. Protect yourself. Be armed. Avoid areas that the negro is likely to congregate in. Let's try to keep the pathology contained until it can be safely removed.


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