"Teens" Run Wild at Mall, No Arrests

Rule of Law is racist. It must be, since everyone is equal and yet our "over-crowded" prisons are packed full of la-teen-ohs and "African Americans." The new solution seems to be simply ignoring the brown lawlessness as much as possible and covering this dereliction of duty with some tough talk that amounts to hot air. For example a negro might "bust" during a shoe altercation without being punished in any way. Or we could come up with useless non-racist descriptions of suspects that make it impossible for police to do their jobs. There's always the possibility of releasing habitual negro offenders to run amok over and over. In this new, fundamentally transformed U.S.S.A. we can only expect things to get worse, then the big collapse.

Call it the brawl at the mall. Police believe a posting on a social media website drew at least 200 teenagers to the Lauderhill Mall around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday to participate in a melee.

Call it the rumble in the jungle. Those crazy "teenagers" are at it again.

“It was just a whole big ol’ chaos right here in the Lauderhill Mall,” said Rodney Jones, who cuts hair at the mall and witnessed the incident.

Dis be a big ol' chimping. Dat durr orderly society be failin' gnomesayin'?

As the crowd pushed inside, someone used a large traffic cone to hit someone.

Our equals.

Monkeyshines at the mall.

The video shows teens running and screaming through the mall.

The video shows the end result of sixty-plus years of racial pandering, social programs, wasted money and White blood on the ground. 

“People was getting hit by cones,” said Frank Francis. “Like fighting, like a brawl.”

If you're White you might want to skip that trip to the mall this summer. If you do go, concealed or open carry. 

“We’re not going to tolerate that kind of activity,” Lt. Michael Butkus said.

Well, at least the authorities are serious about stopping the negro pathology. 

By the end of the video at least one person appeared to be placed in handcuffs but police say no one was actually arrested.

Or not.

Investigators told CBS 4 News they do not anticipate any criminal charges being filed in the brawl

Yeah, I'm sure the dark animals learned their lesson. 

Brown monsters suffer another major malfunction. The police either can't or won't do anything about it. The story goes down the memory hole. Another day closer to the end of America. Something better will replace it.


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