Today's Treason

I don't recognize my own country anymore. I guess this is the "fundamental transformation" we were promised. As an Orwellian nightmare of surveillance, speech control and thought control unfolds, as government agencies are deployed against concerned citizens, as the sin debt spirals out of control fueled by federal reserve counterfeiting our elected criminals seem more concerned with who can betray what used to be America in the most sickening way. After all, we need more welfare colonists and ideas like "Rule of Law" and "National Identity and Vision" are stupid dead White male racism anyway. Bring on the invasion, with the full consent of elected traitors.

Sen. Tim Kaine, a Virginia Democrat, delivered a speech on the Senate floor in Spanish on Tuesday as he made his push for the chamber to pass his immigration bill.

Open betrayal and treason. A useful idiot panders to the Third World. A nation dies.

Mr. Kaine said he would deliver his remarks in Spanish but said he would put an English translation into the Congressional Record.

Well, that's very White of you.

Mr. Kaine, whose Spanish is outstanding after spending time as a Catholic missionary in Honduras, has used the language in his outreach to Hispanic voters.

Another JUDEO-christian yokel easily manipulated by the marxist wire-pullers. This moron wants to turn the U.S.S.A. into another Honduras. We're almost there. 40 million new pieces of brown sewage, coming soon courtesy of the slime we elected. It's time for Whites to separate themselves from this sinking ship.

This treasonous clown wants more illegal la-teen-oh garbage.

To use another language on the floor requires unanimous consent of the other senators, which Mr. Kaine sought and was granted.

In a sane country there would be unanimous consent for him to hang from the neck until dead for betraying his country and race. No person is illegal in the new, kosher U.S.S.A. Except for racially aware Whites, of course.

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A catholic buffoon yammers away in a foreign language. This is what you voted for when you supported the corrupt system. It's time to remove ourselves from it and withdraw our support for it. America as a meaningful concept is dead. A new White nation must replace it if we are going to have any future on this continent. 


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