400 "Teens" Run Amok

The traditional strategy of dealing with the predictable malfunction of negro "teens" has been to simply ignore it and hope no one would notice. Unfortunately there is this thing called the "internet" and despite the best efforts of the dinosaur media to conceal racial realities and shove them down the memory hole Whites are now waking up to the serious problem of the Summer of Dark Mobs. Denial, lies, "no arrests made," and meaningless tough talk are no longer viable strategies for the marxist powers that be. The new strategy? Police state, removal of rights for everyone and the usual "we could never arrest all these people and put them in 'over-crowded' prisons" erosion of the rule of law.

Nearly 400 people were involved in the several fights that happened along Elm Street.

The negro nightmare on Elm Street. 400 dangerous, moronic animals run wild.

Greensboro police arrested 11 people ranging in age from 16 to 20-years-old. Officers had to use pepper spray and a stun gun to try to get the crowd under control. Greensboro Police Department had to call UNCG Police and Guilford County for extra help.

Police state and martial law deployed against good little "citizens." How much longer can we afford to control the brown metastasis before every city shares the fate of Detroit? Zapping simians with electricity and spraying down evolutionary dead-ends with chemicals. This is the kosher U.S.S.A. that we now live in.

Some officers minor injuries following the fights. As soon as one fight stopped another started.

The content of their character.

The security cameras outside of Syn and Sky nightclub caught many of the brawls. The footage shows two groups of teens walking toward each other on Elm Street and several people running away into the streets.

Lots of low resolution TI-85 calculator footage was gathered, showing poorly defined brown blobs.

The horror film that is today's America.

Several teens said they understand the reasoning behind the curfew, but they’re still upset they have to deal with the consequences even when they’ve been following the rules.

These teens, not to be confused with "teens" i.e. negroes, will just have to be punished too. We don't want to be "races." Please ignore the reality that this is clearly a negro problem. 

“First of all just stop for all you juvenile delinquents. Just stop. Really, it’s not really worth it. You’re ruining it for us,” said Christopher Hicks, a high school junior.

"Come on guys, be more like the well-behaved mulattos they show on the electronic synagogue." We must punish White high school kids because a twenty year-old "teen" was arrested. We must punish all Whites for imaginary "racism." 

UPDATE: The Greensboro City Council has approved an ordinance to reinstate a downtown curfew for teenagers. 

Until we have a reliable giant net to throw over negro-town it will have to do.

To sustain a nation of millions of hostile, hate-filled pieces of brown garbage we must give up many things. We have to face structural discrimination in employment and education so 85 I.Q. Barkavious gets a "fair" shot. We must pay into the welfare state, pay for the crime and free medical treatment after JewJuan gets shot in the "booty." We are targeted for violence by the same monsters that our sacrifices enrich. The answer is not "make things worse for everyone and use police surges to try to keep the lid on." The answer is a White Nation free from the endless pathology of our enemies.


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