"Clean" Apartments For Jews

Every White nation, and only White nations, must be flooded with genetic, cultural and religious outsiders. We must give up our national character, economic prosperity and civilized safety to bring in endless waves of brown welfare colonists. This must not be questioned. If you don't think this is a good thing you're an evil racist. We need those brown people and the rich diversity of identical looking, thinking and acting criminals. The ultimate goal is destruction of the White race.

In Israel the rules are a little different.

Last week Army Radio reported that real estate agencies in south Tel Aviv are advertising “clean apartments.” According to Army Radio’s web site, a real estate agent said, “we don’t let foreign workers rent the apartments. If there are foreigners, then they’re Nepali or Filipino – normal people.”

One rule for the cattle, one rule for the jew. "Clean" apartments. Deportations and segregation. Israel must preserve its "jewish character." This is good. America preserving its White character? Pure evil.

Whoever listened to the radio broadcast could hear the agent say, “not blacks.” For some unknown reason, those two words were omitted from Army Radio’s report on the web.

Given a choice no one, anywhere, would want to live next to the negro. We've seen the violence, the low I.Q., the predictable malfunction. In White nations these creatures are forced upon us by the same kosher wire-pullers behind Israel's apartheid.

In recent months the State of Israel has been abusing asylum seekers in a manner that makes us miss former interior minister Eli Yishai. Yishai the racist was very vocal in expressing his desire to embitter the lives of asylum seekers. But his replacement, who refrains from making dramatic announcements, and the executive branch are advancing a heretofore unknown policy. The state is working hard to advance weapons deals aimed at convincing dictatorships to rid Israel of the unwanted waste currently in the country.

The Light of the World. The American Golem blindly supports this.

Don't worry jew, we'll keep them out of your country. 

"Multi-culturalism" is an unnatural mess. The same jews that preach it won't practice it, for obvious reasons. We all know its a farce. We need to restore our nations.


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