Natural Conservative Invader Rapes Pre-Teens

We need a lot more la-teen-ohs. On this issue our One Party System is in perfect agreement, without even the veneer of false opposition sometimes seen with other goals like the sodomite agenda or the removal of our rights and privacy. Yes, another 40 million or so unskilled, lazy, criminal welfare colonists is just what the doctor ordered. As the bi-partisan suicide pact makes its way through the House of Representatives the flood of brown sewage continues over our southern border, bringing in cultural and genetic outsiders eager to loot the corpse of America. Sometimes this pillaging also includes raping.

A Portsmouth man accused of raping a teenage girl has been living in the country illegally, according to detectives. Anselmo Reyes Soria, 50, is charged with first degree rape, according to a news release from the Scioto County Sheriff's Department.

Here for a better life, committing the appalling sex crimes that White Americans won't. This worthless piece of brown garbage was allowed in by our criminal government.

Detectives say they were investigating information they received Monday, July 8, about a 16-year-old girl who had been sexually assaulted for several years.

La-teen-oh family values. Child rape. This went on for years. White people are immediately jailed or ruined for speech crime. Meanwhile Pedro was free to enjoy years of underage rape.

Several other people told detectives they were also sexually assaulted by Soria.  Detectives say the age range at the time of these additional sexual assault claims was nine to 12 years.

But it's worth it because almost 30% of them vote for the Loser Party.

Ey esse, I vote for Rubio, I theeenk.

Detectives discovered later, Soria has been living illegally in the United States for 15 years.

Forgive me for not being surprised.

Detectives tell 13News, while they are still working on it, they have been able to determine the sexual assaults go back as far as 2006.

Swim a river, rape a girl. Don't worry, our criminal government will act as your accomplice. 

White countries and only White countries exist so that brown people can come in, loot, commit crimes, suck the welfare and vote for communism and "he look like me." We are told this is good. Somehow. We allowed a sawed-off devil easy access to ten-year-old girls. It's the right thing to do. 


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