Negress Lawmaker Calls For Martial Law in Chicago Plantation

There is no problem that can't be solved by removing our rights, at least according to our ruling criminals. Religion of Peace blowing things up? Strip searches for White grandmothers. Scumbags full of mind-altering "medication" running amok? Gun grabbing. Negroes and may-hee-cans waging tribal warfare? Send in the troops. In Rahm's Chicago Plantation the Non-White pathology has reached a point where a careerist negress is calling for the National Guard to invade the areas that have been annexed by Africa and El Salvador.

A longtime Chicago lawmaker Tuesday called on Gov. Pat Quinn to send the Illinois State Police and the Illinois National Guard into Chicago to help quell gun violence.

"Gun violence." It's always the fault of the gun, or pilgrims, or evil White racism or whatever other excuse is currently popular with the marxists. It's never the obvious answer, the low I.Q. and violent nature of the genetic and cultural aliens.

Rep. Monique Davis, a South Side Democrat serving in her 13th term in the House, said she wanted troopers and National Guardsmen "to come to Chicago and work with our mayor, Rahm Emanuel, to provide safety for the children, especially, and for all who walk in Chicago. We deserve. We're important. Our kids are important."

"Dem keeds be im-por-ant." Tell that to the welfare mother that buys drugs instead of food, the absent "baby daddy" or the Union swine. Nothing says "safety" like poorly trained and heavily armed soldiers occupying our free and open society. This moronic negress has served 13 terms. "I give free things" and "I look like you" sure work well for careerist negroes in the Midwest Mogadishu.

"We dyin' here."
She also asked that Quinn appoint a task force to "guide the behavior of the National Guard. We don't want them to have us fearing them also. We want them there for safety and protection."

Bad idea on top of bad idea. This is an elected lawmaker. Martial law, huge government, anything to try to control the predictable failures of the "African American." 

"I happen to disagree with calling in the state police and the national guard," said Rep. Mary Flowers, D-Chicago, "but what I do agree with is that the governor needs to do something. We must be respected in our community. We must have jobs in our community."

"We should stick with empty pandering and noble-sounding but meaningless rhetoric. Maybe some more ineffectual big government programs, but no guys with machine guns using "spray and pray" to put down "teens!" I want to keep getting elected. Going Full Retard with a military occupation of little Nigeria is not going to help me keep getting that paycheck from the White tax paying sucker."

"There just is not enough concern. We are very concerned about pensions. We are very concerned about marriage equality. We are very concerned about everything but these deaths that are occurring on a daily basis."

"We're so busy with the sodomite agenda and gimme dat paper that there's almost no time to address 85 I.Q. failure!"

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It doesn't look like we'll be seeing baby pictures of 20-year-old JaDeJewvontae after he gets shot by the National Guard any time soon, but the fact that the idea is even seriously broached tells you everything you need to know about the state of the U.S.S.A. in its final days. We can have freedom, openness and civilization or we can wear the ankle chains of the negro and la-teen-oh.


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