Negro Monster Kidnaps and Rapes Five-Year-Old

The "African American" must never be judged by the content of their character and their spectacular failure to meet the very modest requirements of a civilized society. Seven to ten times the crime. Low I.Q., poor impulse control, lack of future orientation. It leads to shocking crimes. We must never address this issue. After all, a White woman might have held her purse with both hands once around Jabarktavious and this more than justifies pathologies such as kidnapping and raping a small child.

The man Manatee deputies say kidnapped, choked and sexually assaulted a 5-year-old girl did not show his face for his first appearance before a judge in court today.

Here is the face is question:

"He has a prior record in New Jersey, Colorado and North Carolina. His record in Florida began in 2008 with domestic battery," an attorney told the judge.

A negro monster repeatedly released from "over-crowded" prisons. After all, we could never punish all those negroes and it would probably be wrong and racist to do so. Expect a full-blown "prison amnesty" push in the next decade. 

Today we learned Hawkins' long criminal record includes domestic battery and assault. He spent nearly eight years in a North Carolina prison on two counts of kidnapping.

Instead of being put down or deported this brown creature was released after a comically short sentence to predictably repeat the same soulless pathology.

According to the arrest report from the most recent incident, Hawkins denies some of the charges. According to him, he did not lure away the 5-year-old girl from her home. He also says it is the child that asked him to buy here candy in the convenience store.

Blaming the five-year-old victim. "I dinna do nuffin'." The mind and anti-soul of the "African American." Part child, part devil.

Hawkins also denies ever taking the child to an abandoned mobile home unit at the Aloha Estates Park, where he's accused of assaulting and locking her inside.

Another non-White house of horrors. Had enough of this, White Man?

Manatee investigators continue gathering evidence, and say they believe to have a very strong case against Hawkins. He remains at the Manatee county jail.

Yeah, you've got a pretty good case. He should get at least a few years for this.

We are forced to live near these dangerous genetic aliens. Our increasingly corrupt system is nearly powerless to stop the pathology. We pay for it. The time has come to pull the plug on this failed experiment and build a White nation.


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