Negro Serial Killer Runs Amok in Cleveland Sewer

The dinosaur media likes to pretend that only Whites are serial killers, although the facts suggest otherwise. These cases tend to get a quick trip down the memory hole so that the kosher media can focus on the imaginary crimes of "creepy crackas." In the Cleveland zoo, another Detroit in the making, we get yet another story of a negro spree killer...who was inspired by another negro monster. I'm looking forward to the jewish "drama" show where they both magically become White.

Authorities charged a Cleveland man Monday with three counts of aggravated murder, after the bodies of three women were found over the weekend wrapped in trash bags.

The African Heart of Darkness in middle America.

Police charged 35-year-old Michael Madison with the deaths of the women -- one of whom was identified as 38-year-old Angela Deskins of Cleveland. The other two women have not yet been identified due to advanced stages of decomposition, the medical examiner said.

Another criminal that could have been Obama.

"We are in the midst of tragedy," East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said at a press conference Monday. Norton said the women were killed "senselessly" by a man with "no regard for human life."

The negro anti-soul. There's nothing especially unique or surprising about what this creature did. 

The mayor has said the suspect indicated he might have been influenced by the earlier case of Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell, who was convicted in the deaths of 11 women.

Anthony Sowell. This animal killed eleven women.

Gilson said one victim had distinctive tattoos on her body -- one said "Jean," another "Lil Wayne," a reference to the famous rapper.  

A vile brown monster. "Rachets" hacked to pieces, their tribal markings honoring a talentless kosher entertainer. The profound ugliness of a dying nation.

It's the third recent high-profile case in the Cleveland area that involves missing women.  

Well, at least one of those incidents must involve evil, racist Whitey, right?

In May, three women who separately vanished about a decade ago were found captive in a rundown house. Ariel Castro, a former school bus driver, has been charged with nearly 1,000 counts of kidnap, rape and other crimes and has pleaded not guilty.

Or not. Negroes and la-teen-ohs, Sun People and Natural Conservatives, preying on the weak.

In 2009, Sowell was arrested after a woman escaped from his house and said she had been raped there. Police found the mostly nude bodies of 11 women throughout the home.

We are forced to live next to these moronic genetic and cultural outsiders. South Sudan in a Cleveland home.

More stories of negro pathology for the memory hole. A Cleveland neighborhood that looks like it's been carpet bombed. The worst crimes imaginable. Please ignore this Whitey, go back to your sports and beer and wage slavery. Don't lock your car doors, either. That's racist.


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