Police Surge Aimed At Baltimore's Negro Insurgents

I spend a lot of time talking about Rahm's Chicago Plantation and Detroit Rot City but other than Detroit's total annexation by Africa there is nothing especially unique about these two cities. Similar negro and may-hee-can pathology can be found in nearly every major city in the U.S.S.A., along with the same lies, denial of reality, waste, corruption, and police state paired with an eroding rule of law. The last is perhaps the strangest trend to emerge in the Urban sewer. Police are being deployed like soldiers, their presence increased to oppressive levels. Despite near martial law we get the usual "no arrests were made" or if there are arrests the "over-crowded" courts fail to punish the predictable negro failure.

This bizarre combination of Orwellian loss of rights combined with the endless excuses for the alien races is just more evidence of the imminent collapse.

Residents can expect to see a "dramatic" law enforcement increase this weekend and through the July Fourth holiday, as city and police officials search for ways to tamp down a spree of deadly violence.

Unless they're going to arrest any negro they see it is unlikely to be effective.

Police officials vowed to deploy up to three times the number of officers typically on the streets over the weekend, with the city's patrol forces being joined by officers from the Maryland State Police, the Maryland Transportation Authority and the Baltimore City sheriff's office.

I guess the giant net to throw over negro-town isn't ready yet.

In another show of police force, authorities made the rare move Friday of closing off a city block on Bennett Place with metal fences, allowing only residents from the block to enter after a third person was shot and killed in the area since February.

Metal fences deployed against the "African American." A negro Berlin Wall. The land of the free and the home of the brave.

A total of 35 people have been shot in the city since June 21.

Everywhere negroes gather in appreciable numbers you get the same result.

Baltimore ruins.

"We are increasing our deployments throughout all of the hot spots over the course of the week," said Sgt. Eric Kowalczyk, a Baltimore police spokesman.

"We'll be staging an armed invasion into the brown areas." 

"Our criminals on the streets are more willing to take a charge on murder because they think they can get off with our juries," he said.

The eroding rule of law. We could never punish all these negroes. Expect a negro and la-teen-oh "prison amnesty" in the next few years, championed by our one party system.

Just after 9 p.m. Thursday, between 50 and 100 residents on Elmora Avenue in the Four by Four neighborhood of Northeast Baltimore milled around outdoors in small cliques and circles, arguing among themselves in what police would later describe as a "community altercation."

A hundred members of a failed race in a giant "altercation." The dark future of our entire country.

Visit beautiful Bodymore, Murdaland. 

Part of the system fights a losing battle to keep the lid on while elsewhere "over-crowded" prisons insure most of the criminals will get a short stay in the "crib" before being released to run amok over and over again. Whites pay for this nonsense. It's time to stop paying and start waking up.


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