Seven Billion to African Sewer

Whites pay. And pay. And pay. This is basically the only function we serve in the U.S.S.A., as the actual power is firmly in the hands of kosher wire-pullers and their useful idiots. We pay for the welfare handouts which result in a perpetual state of dependence and entitlement for worthless brown aliens. We pay through structural discrimination against Whites in education and employment which has destroyed our ability to compete and innovate. We pay in ruined cities, crime, and an undeclared one-sided race war against us. We pay by giving up freedom of association, by giving high-risk loans to garbage people, by committing economic and cultural suicide in the name of some imaginary good.

Just keep paying, Whitey. Fund your own destruction. Oh, and how about some money for the African all against all while your own country is rapidly collapsing under a 16 trillion plus sin debt? Sure. Just make sure it doesn't resemble evil racist "imperialism" or "colonialism" because those are wrong and you should be ashamed. Put the money in the dark hand and go, that's what you're going to do.

President Obama pledged $7 billion in aid Sunday to provide electricity to sub-Saharan Africa, as he warned Africans to be wary of exploitation by other countries, including the U.S.

A staggering sum of money sent down the African toilet and an embarrassing "America bad" tacked on by the magic mulatto. I guess that whole "sequester" thing is over. Back to pouring our resources into the black hole.

“We want to unleash the power of entrepreneurship and markets to create opportunity here in Africa.”

A communist who never worked a real honest job in his life displays his shocking ignorance. Can this latest waste of tax payer dollars alchemize 65 I.Q. monsters into good little businessmen?

Funds from the electricity initiative, dubbed Power Africa, will be distributed over the next five years to six countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria and Tanzania. Mr. Obama said the U.S. wants to help Africa without interfering like colonial powers did in the past.

Yeah, none of that White Man's Burden stuff. We'll just give you money, make a speech and vanish and then pretend not to notice when it ends up funding the child armies of warlords. 7 Billion to fund the next General Butt Naked.

“You will always find the extended hand of a friend in the United States of America,” he said.

Think of us as a giant A.T.M. that you can use for all your all vs. all needs. We'll always find the extended brown hand of a pathological, moronic and violent leech asking for more.

"In an American public school if I did this with my hand and made a "bang" sound I'd be arrested."

“When we look at what other countries are doing in Africa, I think our only advice is make sure it’s a good deal for Africa,” Mr. Obama told reporters in Johannesburg.

It's never a "good deal" for the U.S.S.A. Keep on paying Whitey. My only advice is it's time to start making sure it's a good deal for Whites. That starts with our own nations.

He praised Mr. Mandela as a “hero for the world” and said America’s prayers were with him.

Meanwhile some demon is looking forward to getting the communist, terrorist "hero for the world" as his new toy to play with.

While America circles the drain our amazing gay president wastes time and money in the heart of darkness. A nation that has not merely lost its way, but has become clinically insane. Billions to the dark, alien horde while the White population continues to shrink, devastated by jewish feminism, the sodomite agenda, kosher media fueled miscegenation and wage slavery that prevents having a family. We have to save ourselves and our children. We must build White nations.


  1. We have the same problem in Ireland, ailing public service, massive debt, police force cuts and the highest foreign aid budget in the EU normalised against GDP

    We pay and pay and pay and pay


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