"Teens" Hunt Whites In Cincinnati Sewer

Another "trial of the century" is almost over. In a short time either a blameless non-White will be punished and by proxy our rights to self-defense or the correct decision will be made followed by the negro soiling its own nest and attacking any Whites unlucky enough to be caught near the hate-fueled dysfunction. Whatever happens, nothing will improve. While this farce enters the endgame Ohio negroes are now hunting White victims for black pack attacks and mob robs in a story that has received zero national attention.

Police say the teens essentially hunted their victims. One says the suspects were passengers on his bus when they targeted him. "They didn't ask me for anything."

If you're White you're going to want to avoid public transportation if at all possible. A clean and efficient alternative to gridlock has been ruined by brown criminals.

Chad Laumann was beaten and robbed on East Fourth Street last month while on his way to work. Though outnumbered, the 23 year-old says he outsmarted his attackers by intentionally staying in view of the surveillance camera.  "So as they're attacking you, you tell them there's a camera. Yes, I tell them there's cameras. And what did they say? They didn't say anything. They just took off running."

Yeah, Big Brother to the rescue. Incredibly, it worked. I don't recommend "hey negro, there's a camera" as a self-defense strategy for Whites.

Brown blobs attack a White man.

Cincinnati Police had downtown officers watch the video in hopes of identifying the suspects.

Good luck, you'll need it.

Turns out, the three suspects, all 16 years-old, are resides of Kelly Youth Services, a group home. On the night they attacked Laumann, they had received a pass for good behavior.

Fortunately the criminal alien monsters were part of an ineffectual do-gooder program on the White tax payer's dollar. Now we can waste more time and resources on these simians until they commit a crime serious enough for permanent residence in the "crib." Whites will pay for these worthless creatures their entire lives. They add nothing and are dangerous. 

Police believe the teens are behind a series of attacks in which they targeted and stalked their victims. They were riding on the same bus as Chad and followed him to the next stop. "I'm very happy and excited now that they've been caught because now that means that they can't hurt anybody else"

I don't know if I should laugh or cry. A slap on the wrist is likely, what with those "over-crowded" prisons. There certainly won't be any "hate crime" time attached to these racially-motivated and premeditated attacks on White victims. Soon these "African Americans" will be loose again. The rot continues.

The hatred the average negro has for us can't be understated. Criminal animals in an ill-conceived, White funded "save the children" program still found time to prey on White victims. Worthless surveillance footage was gathered. No serious punishment will occur. We need to remove these genetic aliens and build our own nation.


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