The Aftermath of a Black Pack Attack

Racially motivated negro swarm attacks against Whites, crimes that have become common, are rarely reported, receive zero national attention and then earn a quick trip into the memory hole. The "knockout game" and "get Whitey" stories that actually get limited local coverage represent a small minority of the actual attacks, most of which are ignored completely. If the initial crimes are ignored, dealing with the misery the follows is virtually unheard of. Before today's story the only other recent example of addressing the aftermath was Pat Mahaney, a White man who was brutally beaten by a "bored" negro monsters. He spent a year suffering unimaginable physical and psychological pain before finally dying. There was no Obama "that could have been me" speech for Pat Mahaney, no marches for justice or "Mahaney's Law." Just deafening silence as another White man was eliminated and the kosher goal of our complete destruction advanced yet again.

Today we find out what has become of another White victim of a senseless negro attack.

Thomas 'TC' Maslin, 30, still retains much of his cognitive function, but the injury last year left him all but unable speak, blind in one eye and with limited motor function in one arm and one leg.

A life destroyed by negro violence. How many stories just like this one are completely ignored? How many Whites are physically, mentally and spiritually ruined by the undeclared, one-sided race war? How long can the dinosaur media ignore this silent disaster?

Mr Maslin's heartbreaking transformation has taken a toll on his faithful wife Abby - who has stuck by his side throughout the trying ordeal.

Simian animals devastate a White family. Another victory for the marxist cause of White Genocide.

'Five little ducks went out one day. Over the hills and far away. The woman duck said quack, quack, quack,' he read aloud at a recent rehabilitation appointment.

When faced with undeniable racial differences and incompatibility with White civilization our criminal government said "racist, racist, racist."

On another occasion, he boasted that he had made a load from bread 'from trash.' The term he was looking for was, of course, 'from scratch.'

In the U.S.S.A. we think we can make good little citizens "from trash." Give us your brown sewage, says the jew.

Mrs Maslin, an English teacher, writes on her blog that the brain trauma 'catapulted us to the grayest of places: that space between life and death. If life is freedom and death is finality, we find ourselves stuck in that torturous place somewhere in the middle.'

Not dead, not fully alive. The same gray area that our entire nation now inhabits as the full collapse nears.

The human cost of "diversity."

The couple, facing $1million in medical bills, now travels to Halifax, Nova Scotia, regularly so Mr Maslin can undergo special therapy.  

I guess SoetoroCare doesn't cover negro pack attacks.

Three days after the Maslin couple's third wedding anniversary, Mr Maslin was walking home near from a bar after a few drinks with friends following a Washington Nationals game.

The picture of dying White America. A happy marriage. Baseball. Friends. Civilization. 

Three men approached and demanded his money. He was handing over his iPhone and debit card when one of the men smashed him in the back of the head with an aluminum baseball bat, according to police.

"Robbery gone wrong." We can't assume compliance will protect us from hate-filled genetic aliens. We need to be armed and vigilant. We need to avoid the negro areas, until we have a White nation. This man's life was destroyed for literally no reason other than the demonic rage against Whites that lurks behind the sullen expressions or phony smiles of the American negro.

Tommy Branch, 23, who was later arrested for assault, called the bat his 'Barry Bonds.' Police say he wound up and hit Mr Maslin in the head with a two-fisted grip on the bat.

The negro anti-soul. His steroid-fueled, White hating role model would have been proud. 

Branch was sentenced to 24 years in prison earlier this year.

He'll probably serve a fraction of the sentence before being released from our "over-crowded" prisons to prey on more White victims. The other animals involved continue to cling to a "I dinna do nuffin'!" defense and are unlikely to get the punishment they deserve, i.e. execution. 

"Teens" get a wrist slap from a negress.

The brutal blow shattered Mr Maslin's skull and severed his optic nerve. He lay unconscious on the street for eight hours while he bled internally.

This happened in a Western nation. African-style horrors, coming soon to a city near you.

But, he and his wife remain optimistic of his chances of recovery. 'I’m alive. For God’s sake. That’s good,' Mr Maslin told the Post.

The dinosaur media, the kosher educational complex and our criminal government are directly responsible for this appalling story. Whites need to hear about this, we need to be warned. He went along with the robbery. A living fossil caved in his skull anyways. This is what Whites are now facing. First we need to wake up. Then we need to reclaim our lands. No more victims. No more horrific negro attacks. It has to stop. We must insure our survival.


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