Another Negro Pack Attack For the Memory Hole

An average difference of 15 points of I.Q. represents the difference between civilization and savagery. The negro is simply incapable of constructing anything more complex than something a family of beavers might build, is incapable of any form of government other than the most brutal and corrupt despotism and is incapable of controlling any of their base impulses. From Africa to Detroit to France the pathological behavior and predictable failure never changes. There is no logical argument for including these genetic outsiders in a White nation. We don't pull them up, they pull everything down to their level.

Three people are facing charges after a man accidentally photobombed them and he was beaten into unconsciousness.

Note the bizarre language that attempts to mitigate the jungle savagery. How does one accidentally intentionally ruin a photo? You'll have to ask the author of this article, who probably fished that journalism degree out of a specially marked box of cereal.

The charges stem from a May 11 incident in LoDo when the bars let out and the defendants were taking photographs of themselves near 14th and Market streets.  The unidentified 30-year-old victim accidentally walked into one of the shots, police said, and one of the suspects, Bryanna Warren, 25 began arguing with him and hitting him.

For months this story was safely in the memory hole and the trial and severe lasting damage to the White (?) victim is the only reason we're hearing about it now. The unidentified victim sounds like another case of "Walking While White," the new excuse used by the "African American" for their senseless assaults.

Both Newton and Warren were charged with third-degree assault on an at-risk adult "for allegedly continuing to assault the victim while he was lying unconscious on the ground," according to a news release.

The same old story. Horrific negro pack attack on a defenseless victim. A system afraid to punish it due to "over-crowded prisons" and the fear of being "races." These animals continued to attack a prone and motionless body. Quick, have a talentless mulatto make a "White man bad" movie to distract the goyim! Base your life on kosher fantasy, Whitey. Please ignore the very real differences between the races.

There was a reason for segregation. This.

These worthless animals continued to beat an unconscious victim.

Police initially charged the trio with public fighting but a medical report said the victim sustained permanent blindness in his right eye, facial fractures and intra-cranial hemorrhaging. That's when the charges were upgraded.

Yeah, I guess we'll have to give them more than two weeks probation, what with the permanent blindness, destroyed face and all the rest. 

There is no benefit to the mythology of "diversity," only this sort of story, over and over. Our enemies have no argument, just kosher tall tales and empty appeals to emotion. We need a White nation. If we are going to survive into the next century it must happen.


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