Another Negro Shooting Spree

Gun control is goyim control. The goal is to disarm Whites, leaving us helpless victims for negroes to prey on at their leisure, like in the United Kaliphate. This advances the goal of White genocide. The only problem is American Whites still believe in our inherent right to self defense. The kosher solution is to pretend that Whites are over-represented in highly suspicious "open shooter" incidents. Then there's the actual reality of multiple victim gun crime. Guess what, it's as coal black as any other form of violent crime. Our enemies don't want this fact to become common knowledge, so when an "African American" runs amok it must be quickly put down the memory hole, often after bleaching the criminal animal involved.

Today's story is just another example of this highly deceitful practice.

At least four people have been killed and another four injured in two related shooting incidents in southwest Dallas on Wednesday night.

Negro spree killer gets media-applied Afrosheen.

Relatives of one of the woman killed in the shooting spree identified the suspect as the woman's ex-boyfriend, Erbie Bowser, a former Dallas Mavericks ManiAAC dancer.

Kosher sports. A dance group that featured an overweight, homicidal negro monster. The following image conveys nearly everything that's wrong with today's U.S.S.A.

Drunken White losers and criminal genetic aliens celebrate the African Tree Hockey.

Radio station CBSDFW reported that when Bowser - an army veteran - did not find his ex-girlfriend at the address, he opened fire.

A hero that fought for Israel runs amok. Does this count as "workplace violence?" 

He is then believed to have went to a home in DeSoto, Texas, where he reportedly used an explosive device to gain entry to the property. The home belonged to his ex-wife, who hasn't been identified. It is not yet known if she is one of the victims.

Bomb throwing simians. 

Dallas police said the attack only ended when Bowser ran out of ammunition.

Minus the media skin-lightening treatment.

Bowser has a previous conviction of assault with a deadly weapon from December 2011.

Thanks to "over-crowded" prisons this dangerous animal was not seriously punished. Maybe now they'll actually lock this piece of garbage away.

The Dallas Mavericks ManiAACs official page reveals they have been on The Tonight Show and America's Got Talent.

Not only did he proudly serve as part of the American Golem, he even shucked and jived on the talmudvision!

America's got talent, all right. We've got a talent for turning a blind eye on the real world, for living in denial, for refusing to address the rot and the coming collapse. We've got a talent for lies. Keep watching your jewish minstrel shows on the telavivision, Whitey. Nothing to see here.


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