Black Power Pack Attack

There is one standard for Amerika's myriad victim groups and another for Whites. Victim group members can use racial slurs, make death threats and engage in actual violence against Whites and no one cares. If a White person says a forbidden word his or her life will be ruined by a full frontal kosher assault. As you might imagine, using words that have been declared ungood in the actual presence of criminal negroes is an even worse idea, and can result in yet another racially motivated pack attack for the memory hole.

Little Rock Police are looking for two men who severely beat another man outside a fast food restaurant early Sunday morning.

At least we're not calling the adult negroes involved "teens," for once.

According to police, a black man yelled "black power" and a white man yelled "white power" in response.

When the "African American" does it, it's a beautiful expression of racial pride. When the White devil does it, it's evil in its purest form, the only sin left in our dying nation.

Do not talk to negroes or provoke them, White man. Nothing good will happen. It could result in a pack attack, "ethnic intimidation" charges, or the loss of your job. We have nothing to gain from interacting with living fossils. Avoid the negro. Be armed and vigilant. As good as it might feel to commit speech crime in the presence of an 85 I.Q. alien, it will end badly. White thought crime is the only crime our system actually cares about and seriously pursues. Save your words for educating other Whites.

A confrontation ensued, another man jumped in and now one of the men is fighting for his life.

Another negro swarm attack. The undeclared, one-sided race war continues.

Police say after the racially charged language two black men kicked and stomped the victim who witnesses say was drunk at the time.

That can be his defense at the wrongspeech trial. If he survives.

Police say the two suspects were gone by the time they arrived, and searches to find them haven't been successful.

No arrests were made.

Davis says the suspects face charges of second-degree battery.  She says, right now, it's not considered a hate crime investigation.

I mean, why would it be? All we have are simian monsters spouting off about "black power" and then attacking an uppity White. Doesn't sound racially motivated to me, no sir.

Full Story.

We have to be smart in today's U.S.S.A. The system wants us dead. Before you open your mouth, ask yourself: is what I'm about to say worth ruining my life over? Stay away from the enemy. We need to be talking to our fellow Whites, not some jungle monster. Put down the booze bottle with a K or a U in a circle on it. Stay out of negro ruined areas. Be armed. Be alert. No more White victims.


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