Hush Crime Horror: White Child Murdered, Burned By Negro Animal

We are in the middle of an undeclared, one-sided race war. This war on Whites is fully sponsored by the marxist educational system, the kosher "entertainment" industry and our elected criminals. The bodies keep piling up. The ultimate goal is White genocide. While slumbering White cattle are watching revisionist history created by a talentless mulatto a negro monster is being tried with the horrific and senseless racially motivated killing of a 12 year-old White boy. She burned his body with a blowtorch. South African horror in the U.S.S.A., ignored by the media and effectively buried until just recently.

Now we hear the negro defense for this sickening murder.

Testimony entered its second week in the trial of a woman accused of kidnapping and killing a 12-year-old Houston boy.

No race mentioned. Go back to sleep, Whitey.

Soulless animal, White victim.

Prosecutors say Mona Nelson took the little boy, killed him and then burned his body.

White children being burned to ash by genetic and cultural aliens, moronic creatures unleashed on us. More silence, more lies. Watch your negro-ball, Whitey. Stay asleep. Ignorance is strength. 

Houston police Sgt. Roger Chappell was the first to take the stand. He explained how carpet and twine found in Jonathan Foster's burned body matched samples taken from Mona Nelson’s home.

How much longer are we going to tolerate the negro pathology? These animals have no place in a civilized White nation.

Foster disappeared on Christmas Eve of 2010, four days later his body was found a few miles from his home. Prosecutors say a sweatshirt found in a trash can by Nelson's house had both her and the boy's blood on it. Prosecutors still say they have no motive for this crime.

Allow me to provide the motive: the insane hatred toward Whites that is found in your typical negro. Christmas Eve. This child was taken from happiness and family into a negro-created hell. Body dumped somewhere, burned and broken. Another innocent victim of the brown monster. Silence so loud.

Nelson has maintained her innocence throughout the trial.

"I din do nuffin'!"

The trial of this guilty as sin piece of dog shit will drag on. Perhaps there will be a trip to the "crib" to serve a token sentence before an early release from an "over-crowded" prison. This evil has to stop. The only answer is removing the negro and the criminals that released them.


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