Negro Narcissism: The Messiah

What is it like to be a negro? It's something even the most sheltered Whites are eventually forced to wonder. We are told they are our equals, basically Whites with really deep tans (things like skull shape, muzzles and brow ridges are never mentioned, it's only skin color). Then we observe their behavior and quickly realize that we have virtually nothing in common. The negro seems to live in a perpetual state of childish self-importance combined with a total lack of personal awareness. There is never any accountability for their actions. Every predictable failure is the result of pilgrims, or slavery, or creepy crackas. Every comical bit of idiocy by these 85 I.Q. genetic aliens must be treated as a serious adult decision because we are, after all, the same.

Except when it comes to hiring, school enrollment, enforcement of laws, housing and so on. Then race is very real.

So we nurture the negro narcissism and are then surprised by their inability to function in a civilized White nation.

A Tennessee mother is appealing a judge’s order to change her son’s name from “Messiah,” WBIR-TV reported.

"I gots de raht! I gots de raht!" Moronic blasphemy from the brown animal. Entitlement. Failure to understand that a society must have rules and that certain behaviors aren't acceptable.

Jalessa Martin and her son’s father recently went to court for a child support hearing because they couldn’t agree on the boy’s last name, the station reported.

We allow them to vote. We are forced to live near them.

Cultural Marxism's answer to the Virgin Mary.
The judge ordered the little boy’s name changed to Martin DeShawn McCullough.
We can look forward to hearing about his arrest for a black pack attack on a White victim in about fifteen years. Assuming any Whites are still left to attack.

“I was shocked,” his mother said. “I never intended on naming my son Messiah, because it means God. And I don’t think a judge could make me change my baby’s name because of her religious beliefs.”

Apparently an 85 I.Q. is inadequate for understanding that words have symbolic cultural meaning. Naturally, the negro is the victim of a "races" system. If you think there's even a chance she'll lose her appeal you're out of your mind. Casual mockery of God, born out of stupidity and nursed by our kosher system. The collapse is coming soon. 
The judge’s decision also baffled others in the tight-knit community that boasts a population of about 7,000. 

"Now dat de odder mass-eye-ah, O-bam-a, be pezdent we be able to do any-ting." 

The Messiah.
“I don’t think anybody should have to tell somebody can or can’t do to their children or what to name their child,” said one resident, Shari Perryman.
Rule of law and cultural norms are racist. You should be able to do anything you want. Another article of faith from our State Religion.

We can have freedom, an open society, shared culture and a national vision or we can have the current mess, which is rapidly descending into a combination of Africa, El Salvador and a weak, feminized version of the Soviet Union. Entitled negroes and leper messiahs, black pack attacks and hoodie-wearing martyrs. This is the madness of the new religion, the multi-cult.


  1. It's all down hill from here

    We are told they are our equals, basically Whites with really deep tans

    Yet for some reason we Whites are not convinced
    Exhibit 1

    Exhibit 2

    Don't expect anything from the negro, it is an animal that can't be trained.


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