Stay Away From MLK

The tribute to the messiah of cultural marxism is over. The garbage on the ground has been cleaned up, the human garbage has dispersed. The magic mulatto has gone back into hiding. The jew is spoiling for war in Syria. The attacks on Whites continue. The negro behavior has reached an all time low, bankrupting cities and bringing an entire nation to its knees. No one has learned anything. Whites keep getting targeted.

Andy Sweeney posted the selfie on Reddit, hoping to find the positive side to the violence that left him with a broken smile on a Northeast Portland street last weekend.

The only positive side is the accelerating rot means the collapse is drawing closer. Then we can rebuild. Not exactly a cause for short-term optimism, but we have to live in reality.

"Some kids threw a traffic cone at me while I was riding my bike down MLK," Sweeney wrote next to the photo of his now-jagged incisors. "Any other (expletive) areas I should avoid?"

Those crazy "kids" at it again. Traffic cones as a weapon against White victims. A fitting tribute to the communist pervert.

Other areas to avoid? Pretty much anywhere where "African Americans" or la-teen-ohs can be found in significant number.

It was at least the second time in less than a week that a group of teenagers had assaulted a bicyclist along MLK.

Swipple Whites as lambs to the slaughter.

Last Tuesday night, Bill Lynch, 64, had just crossed MLK as he pedaled home from a garden party when someone in a group of "three to five young people" knocked him off his bicycle on the Northeast Going Street Neighborhood Greenway.

Kids and Young People. Is anyone still fooled by this?

"They were walking down the middle of the street like they owned it," Lynch said. "I don't know what hit me. A strong fist? Something in someone hand? It hurt."

They might as well own it. It's named after their leper messiah and paid for in White hand-outs. They have more rights than White people. Their pathology is ignored. Noticing it is "racist." Decades of special treatment and this is the predictable end result. Simians strutting around with unearned arrogance, attacking Whites.

Sgt. Pete Simpson, a Portland police spokesman, said the officer who took the report in Lynch's case "had heard of more" assaults. "But I'm not sure how many," Simpson said.

We can only speculate on how many racially-motivated hush crimes have been completely buried. We are in a one-sided, undeclared race war.

On the last Thursday night of July, Amy Wilson, who lives on Northeast Going Street just east of MLK, stepped out of her house after hearing three teens bashing in the windows of a car parked on the street. One of the boys attacked her. "I suffered a four-hour concussion and I don't remember much," she said. "I was completely knocked out. My head hit the concrete."

More hush crimes. Stay asleep, Whitey.

Sweeney described the encounter as "a blur" that prevented him from getting a good look at his attackers. The boys laughed and ran off, leaving him with a bloody mouth. "The pieces of my teeth were gone immediately," Sweeney said.

The content of their character.

A police officer told Sweeney that it looked like he had a concussion. The bespectacled bike deliveryman for Jimmy John's sandwich shop said he didn't have the money to go to the hospital.

Obamacare doesn't cover black pack attacks.

If nothing else, Sweeney received a load of tips from Reddit readers on where to and not to bike in Northeast Portland because of possible traffic conflicts.

Stick to the bike lanes on North Vancouver and Williams, and the quieter Northeast Seventh Avenue, they said. Oh, and among other busy thoroughfares, stay away from MLK. Obviously.

Yeah. No kidding.

We live in a dying country where entire urban areas are basically "no go" zones for Whites. Racially motivated attacks routinely occur in areas of "diversity" and are ignored by both law enforcement and the dinosaur media. For our own safety we need to avoid the negro. The only way to be sure of this is to build a White nation after the U.S.S.A. is placed on history's ash heap.


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