The Tranquilizing Drug of Gradualism

Fifty years ago a plagiarizing, communist, White prostitute-loving negro animal demanded that White America write a check to the negro. We've been writing it ever since. The end result is a trillion dollars down this genetic sewer and literally nothing to show for it besides heightened negro malfunction. White America foolishly bought the marxist bill of goods that their forefathers were "ignorant" to shield themselves from the predictable failure of the "African American." Now it's clear why segregation existed and why it was the right thing to do. Today it's clear the only answer is a White nation.

Amelia Rudolf, 93, has been staying with family since July 16, when she was subjected to what Anderson Police Chief Larry Crenshaw called a "horrific and unimaginable" attack in her own home.

It's almost impossible for a White mind to comprehend the moronic evil that leads to the rape of an elderly woman. This is a dark nightmare straight from the African jungles. We allowed it to be unleashed upon us in the name of "equality." We're not equal.

Her alleged attacker, Iquise V. Taylor, 17, was arrested Friday and, already incarcerated at the Madison County Youth Center, waived onto adult court. Taylor was formally charged Monday with rape, criminal confinement, strangulation, burglary and violation of probation.

Negro dog shit preying on the weak. It could have been your mother or grandmother, White man. Turn off the jew-owned negro ball. Wake up. The one-sided undeclared race war against is entering a new stage where both the frequency and the appalling nature of the attacks are accelerating.

Whatever this thing is, it isn't human.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Taylor kicked in Rudolf's locked back door and confined her to the bed, covering her mouth with his hand and assaulting her. Nothing was reported stolen from the home and nothing was vandalized.

"Robbery gone wrong." 85 I.Q. monsters breaking into homes with no other motive than "get Whitey." We need to be armed. 

Taylor, who initially denied the attack during an interview in early August, did provide a DNA sample to police that matched DNA taken from Rudolf, the affidavit said.

"I din do nuffin." I'm getting physically ill thinking about this story, and about the criminals that enabled it. 

This is the content of their character. This garbage has no place in a civilized White nation.


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