They Just Kept Hitting Him

Today a scrawny Kenyan-born mulatto communist queer is earning his graft by honoring a moral leper. It's hard to believe anyone even cares or will waste time on watching the magic half-caste cock his head upward and blame Whitey for the appalling behavior of the American negro. We're all sick of the kosher lies. We live in a country where Whites are openly attacked by savage jungle creatures and these attacks are ignored by the dinosaur media and our criminal government. This is what needs to be heard in today's America, not the fictionalized story of a dead communist pervert. This is the real news. There is a one-sided race war raging in the rotting corpse of the U.S.S.A. Whites are the targets. Especially the elderly.

On the day that the second teenager charged with the vicious murder of a WWII veteran in Spokane, Washington, is due in court, police revealed the sickening brutality inflicted on the helpless 88-year-old victim.

"Sickening" doesn't even do justice to this outrage. "Soulless" doesn't even seem a harsh enough condemnation toward the moronic simians that murdered this White man.

Kenan Adams-Kinard and Demetrius Glenn, both 16, are accused of battering the war hero to death with flashlights after he fought back during a robbery and according to Belton's daughter-in-law 'They just kept hitting and hitting him.'

"Robbery gone wrong." A defenseless victim beaten long after all resistance had ceased by genetic aliens. A nation with spiritual cancer spreading toward the heart and brain.

Young Obama brutally murdered an elderly White.

And speaking one day after the dawn arrest on Monday of 16-year-old Kenan Adams-Kinard following a four-day manhunt for the killing of 88-year-old, Delbert Belton, his uncle said that living in a small town narrowed his ability to make friends.

"Dem small towns be races, gnomesayin? He ain't gots no friends doe. Cept that other nigga dey 'rested."

This living dog shit couldn't make lots of friends so he killed Whitey.

'He hung around with the wrong people and made the wrong choices,' Odell Kinard said of his nephew, Kenan Adams-Kinard. 'It's the summer and ain't nothing to do here.'

The mind and anti-soul of the American negro. More "bored" 85 I.Q. savages preying on Whites. We must keep the negro entertained at all costs, so they don't decide to kill us. What is this human sewage doing in a White nation? Why do we tolerate this pathology? 

The motive for this attack was robbery,' said Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub to NBC News. 'Race was not a factor. Additionally, there was no gang activity that was associated with his incident,' he added, noting that many commentators had pointed to the fact that the teens were black and the victim was white.

Let's hear from this careerist shithead. The choice of an elderly White victim was just one of those amazing coincidences. Go back to watching your negro ball and drinking your moron water, Whitey. Nothing to see here. Just another "random" attack, go back to sleep. 

'These are two young men who just spun out of control.'

Leave it to the negro to "spin out of control" with predictable regularity, always choosing Whites "randomly" to attack. 

Defense attorney Chris Phelps noted after the hearing that the case has gone viral on the Internet, with many people expressing strong opinions.

You want a strong opinion? The negro carries foreign DNA not shared by any other race. They have an 85 I.Q. average, a full standard deviation below the White average. They simply are not compatible with White civilization and culture. They need to be removed from White nations before they completely destroy those nations. 

Straub said it appeared that Belton fought back against his attackers, which may have increased the severity of his beating.

Don't fight back, Whitey. Maybe that will save you.

He should have been armed. He shouldn't have been alone in a negro area. 

'He has to take responsibility,' he added. 'But the family is praying he gets 10 years or less.'

Praying for a slap on the wrist, a quick trip to the "over-crowded" "crib" followed by an early release to cause more racially-motivated havoc. The worst part is there is a decent chance of this happening. After all, punishing the negro is "races."

I have a dream. A dream of an America where these horrific, racially-charged crimes no longer occur. An America where the negro is judged on the content of their character, found horribly wanting and removed. A White America. If we are going to survive as a race, it must happen. 


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