White Man Murdered by Negro Garbage

What are the benefits of having low I.Q., violent genetic and cultural aliens in our midst? To hear the nation-wrecker with the tiny cap on the back of his head tell it we are enriched by the presence of these monsters. Meanwhile, the forgotten White victims of negro malfunction continue to pile up, ignored by the dinosaur media. As long as the sports and beer keep flowing everything is fine in the minds of far too many Whites. Look at that boy run. Drink this swill with a "K" on it. Stay stupid. Die.

David Santucci loved to help others, he loved it so much he devoted his profession to it, but early Monday morning he was killed during a robbery attempt on a busy downtown Memphis street.

Another "robbery gone wrong." The mythology of "diversity" buries another hardworking and decent White man. There will be no speeches from the mulatto president, no media outrage, no "Santucci's law." A White life wasted, lost to the pathology of animals that should not be in our lands.

Memphis Police say Santucci was shot at 275 South Main just after 1:30 a.m. Monday.

If you're White walking around an area that has negroes in it in the small hours of the morning is an extremely bad idea. We're being targeted for destruction, we can't afford to be naive. Avoid the negro areas. That one simple step will eliminate most of the threat. Then arm yourself and be aware. In the all vs. all that the U.S.S.A. is becoming we have to be smart.

"He had to have been on his phone with his keys in his hand, because his phone was lying on the side of him," said Ferguson, who along with others rushed to the scene after the suspects sped off.

When you have to enter a negro area, let the phone ring. Keep the concealed carry ready and keep your eyes open. Don't become another forgotten statistic in the undeclared, one-sided race war.

"If they wanted something from him he would have just given it, he would have given the shirt off his back," Fugit said.

Compliance will not keep you safe from negro violence.

Mario Patterson, 23, and Dondre Johnson, 19, were both charged with First Degree Murder, and Jerrica Norfleet, 23, was charged with being an accessory to the crime.

Savages in our streets.

The kosher goal of White genocide is advanced. The creatures involved can expect to receive a short trip to the "crib" followed by an early release because it's "over-crowded" and punishing negro monsters is wrong and racist and a legacy of slavery. We'll probably hear another story just like this one before the week is over. Make sure that story isn't about you.


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