White Woman Miscegenates, Gets "Dumped"

Before the sodomite agenda became the semitic cause de jure there was the endless kosher efforts to promote White Woman/Non-White Male pairings, and only those pairings. Which is not to say our marxist enemies have given up on this genocidal strategy, but with the rise of the internet the truth about negro malfunction is a few clicks away and no White woman can claim ignorance as an excuse any more. What this means is we must face the hard truth that in a certain sense these women are responsible for their own victimization. Granted, the marxist nation-wreckers and the negro animal are still the main problem here, but there is no excuse to miscegenate. If you know White women that are still living in a jew-created fantasy world you need to wake them up.

On the Talmudvision it's harmless Will Smith aping White mannerisms. In real life it's a dangerous animal that could snap at any time.

Shortly after Khambrel Hadley, 21, confessed to murdering girlfriend, Alyssa Oakes, 19, and told her where he dumped the body, his mother called 911 to report the crime. The alleged murderer was arrested later that afternoon, according to reports.

Luckily this creature's mother "snitched," so there may be at least a token punishment for this horrific crime.

"Date one of these, White women! You'll be cool!"

Hadley’s getaway was foiled when a neighbour called 911 to report his car stolen, according to WFTV, it didn’t take long for cops to finger Hadley as the thief. Oddly enough, Hadley had been hanging out with man who’s car he stole just the night before.

The life of the American negro is such a rich tapestry. 

Police responded to Hadley’s mother’s 911 call by visiting the apartment he and Oakes shared, instead of finding the young woman, they found evidence of a struggle and what WESH called a ‘brutal’ murder.

Brutally murdered by a genetic alien. A White woman that leaves behind no White children. The goal of destroying the White race advances again. 

"I did everything the Telavivision said to do."

Separately, investigators found the body of the beautiful young Oakes dumped in a wooded area near a lake about 30 miles south of where she was killed, according to multiple reports.

The final destination for White women who are defiled by "African Americans." Either "dumped" and left to raise mulatto kids or simply dumped in a wooded area.

Neighbors of the couple told WFTV they often heard the young lovers fighting, and even saw Oakes' parents come to her aid more than once during the arguments.

If your daughter gives herself to a negro you've failed as a parent. If you'd raised her to be proud of her race and wary of our enemies this would not have happened.

A spokesperson for the apartment complex told the station that police responded to a domestic violence incident at the apartment only three weeks ago.

No arrests were made. Our prisons are "over-crowded." We could never, ever, punish all this negro criminality.

He pleaded not guilty at arraignment Saturday and is currently being held in Orange County (FL) jail.

"I didn't do nuffin."

The negro on the electric synagogue is not real, White woman. Khambrel Hadley is the real "African American," a moronic, hate-filled criminal whose pea brain could default to "kill Whitey" at any moment. We need to avoid the negro until we have our own country free from their hate-filled pathologies. Wake up, White woman. The anti-White system wants you dead. Don't become another forgotten victim.


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