Young Obama Stabs Girl

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar. A negro criminal "teen" in a hoodie, looking for trouble. A "White Hispanic." A senseless, racially motivated attack. Yeah, that does seem to ring a bell. No one "stood their ground" this time. Instead a defenseless girl was repeatedly stabbed by a brown animal while her screams were ignored by apathetic New Yorkers. No national attention, no outrage, no professional victims, no speeches from our criminal mulatto president. Just another blonde girl that the attacker assumed was White, left bleeding out and clinging to life.

A suspect remained on the loose late Tuesday evening, after stabbing a teenage girl nearly a dozen times just steps from her front door in the Woodhaven section of Queens.

Africa-style horror in the U.S.S.A. It's only going to become more common.

As CBS 2’s Alice Gainer reported, Natasha Martinez, 17, remained at Jamaica Hospital after undergoing surgery for stab wounds to her back, arms, stomach and kidney.

The cowardice, brutality and anti-soul of the brown alien. Another sickening crime for the memory hole. We've got more important things to worry about, like a White athlete saying "nigger."

Martinez was walking home from work alone around 11 p.m. Monday when a man came up behind her on 85th Street and plunged the knife into her repeatedly.

Preying on the weak. Striking from behind. This walking dog shit has no place in civilized White nations.

Attacked from behind by negro garbage. 

As CBS 2’s Don Champion reported, a surveillance video shows the stabbing suspect moments before his act Monday night, strolling along wearing a hoodie.

Obama 35 years ago.

“It’s not a violent environment,” said neighbor Edwin Martinez. “You know, people don’t get stabbed and shot here. It’s a nice neighborhood.”

More horrific negro crime in "nice neighborhoods." The rot continues to spread.

Several neighbors earlier said they heard Natasha’s cries. “I think she was screaming help or something,” said witness Christopher Lopez.

"I didn't want to get in trouble for doing the right thing while light-skinned, so I heartlessly ignored her horrible cries for help." The new Kitty Genovese. The kosher war against self-defense claims another victim.

She said the hooded man could be anyone.

Well, any negro. 

The usual "high quality" footage.

“We don’t have an arrest and we don’t have a motive at this juncture,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

He thought he was attacking a White girl. There's your motive, Commissioner Kelly. 

Investigators Tuesday had only a vague description of the suspect, who is described as a black male, approximately 5-foot-6, last seen wearing a white T-shirt, police said.

Another horrific negro attack on a blameless victim. More worthless "big brother" footage of a brown blob that could be any genetic alien, from our president on down. Next stop, "no arrests were made" and then the memory hole.


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