African America: 911 Calls Ignored in Detroit Rot City

We have two choices. A White nation, which will insure our genetic and cultural survival and pave the way to a future of progress and security or turning into a pathetic mix of Africa, El Salvador and the former Soviet Union. At the present time our criminal government is endlessly pushing the latter option, doing everything in its power to strip away our rights, flood our country with brown welfare colonists and encourage the natural pathology of the negro. In Detroit, the process is complete. It's Africa. No money. No rule of law. Ruins. "We dyin' here." This is what the marxist nation-wreckers want to turn the entire country into. This is what we're trying prevent.

Police Chief James Craig has suspended two 911 dispatchers for delays in sending officers to separate calls for service -- including one that eventually resulted in a death.

"...if you are currently being murdered, please stay on the line."

FOX 2's Charlie LeDuff says a woman who feared for her safety called 911 six times, but the dispatcher waited more than an hour to send officers to the dispute. LeDuff says by the time officers arrived the woman was shot by a man armed with an AK-47. She is now listed in critical condition.

Negroes "busting" with "AKs." South Sudan all against all in the heart of the Midwest.

"When dey gwine get dar durr Robocop in hee-ah?"

Craig said police units were available when the 911 calls were made.

Craig says Commander Todd Bettison, the head of the Detroit Police Communications Center, was demoted to an inspector in the city's Northeastern District.

You were criminally inept at your AA job, so here's a new make-work position.

"Status quo, complacency, mediocrity will not be accepted," said Craig. "We're in the business of saving lives and certainly our inaction if it results in critical injury and death is problematic and unacceptable."

We know what the future holds if we fail. We must not fail.


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