Amerikan Beauty

What does a bankrupt city look like? Haunting, tragic and strangely beautiful, according to Philip Jarmain's incredible images of Detroit - the once burgeoning, now desolate Michigan capital.

What does a city annexed by Africa look like? Once beautiful buildings created by White genius and White hands fallen into ruin, unable to be maintained by the dark morlocks that wander the wreckage, preying on each other.

The Canadian photographer's brilliant series 'American beauty' captures the rapid destruction of Detroit's early twentieth-century architecture.

Naturally our Kanadian friend is unable to point to the racial cause of this rapid destruction, lest he face thought crime charges in his own kosher, declining nation.

He depicts abandoned and forgotten spaces of a bygone era defined by ingenuity and innovation. But, inside and out, these monumental public buildings now stand tired and worn, some barely recognizable as their former selves.

The bygone White era. What once was before the long dark night descended. The final triumph of "diversity." The future of the West?

'These are the last large format architectural photographs for many of these structures,'Jarmain explains.

One last picture of a White world lost, before it's completely consumed by the 85 I.Q. rot.

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  1. Anyone who doesn't see that our civilisation is in terminal decline has the awareness of a mushroom. All of the decline and the continuing extinction of the white race stem from the catastrophe of 1945. A race cannot lose scores of millions of its best people and not suffer consequences. The white people of today are a faint shadow of their superior forebears of the 1930s. The spiritual rot that had established itself even before that is now exploding in full virulence as we stand supine before our destroyers unable to act in self defence.


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