Demographic Disaster: African Population to Double By 2050

What rewards do Whites get for helping the negro? Pack attacks. Crime. Destroyed cities. "Kill Whitey." It's hard to imagine a group of people less grateful for the constant White sacrifices made for their benefit than the negro. We have purchased, at a price of probably a trillion dollars or more, the worst possible behavior and their total and complete enmity. It's arguably even worse in "The Mother" where White do-gooding is going to cause an unsustainable explosion in the 60 I.Q. population. That's right, an entire continent incapable of self-governance, rule of law, or even the most basic elements of civilization is seeing a tremendous boom in population growth at the same time most White nations are seeing negative population growth as careerism, jewish feminism, the sodomite agenda and the devastated economy take their planned toll on White families.

Meanwhile, in the heart of darkness the two-legged locusts are breeding in a fashion so irresponsible even a Mexican wouldn't believe it.

Africa's population is set to double to more than 2.4billion over the next few decades due to improved health care and medicines, a new study found.

Untold amounts of White dollars and blood later we reap the foul harvest. More than 2.4 billion moronic, dependent, "we dyin' here, let us into White nations" skinnies.

Sub-Saharan Africa - the world’s poorest region - will record the largest amount of population growth of any area in the world between now and 2050, according to the Population Reference Bureau (PRB).

The dark future. A disaster unfolding in slow motion. We let it happen.

But the massive baby boom could put huge strain on resources and fledgling economies in some of the world's most deprived areas, the PRB warned.

"Could?" You think, just maybe? Negro nations are a study in how pathetic this race becomes when left to its own devices. They can't even feed the current population. It's going to double within our lifetimes. You can probably guess the "solution" to this man-made natural disaster. Here comes another twenty million Nigerians for the Whitest parts of Europe. Don't forget to send some to the United States, too.

And the projected growth in population assumes that family planning will become more widespread in regions where, for religious or cultural reasons, contraception has not been widely adopted.

Sort of like in Detroit, in other words.

The 10 countries worldwide with the highest fertility are all in sub-Saharan Africa.

Many Whites aren't having any children at all.

And improved access to medicine and health care mean millions more of these children will now survive to adulthood.

The White tax-paying sucker has prevented nature from correcting the problem.

Carl Haub, senior demographer and co-author of the data sheet, said: 'Given its youthful population, future population growth in Africa will depend upon the degree to which the parents of tomorrow use family planning.

Luckily the negro is famous for its future orientation and planning skills, as witnessed in New Orleans and Detroit and Chicago and Nigeria and France and...

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 Make room, make room.


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