Demonic Negro Crime Results in Comically Lenient Sentences

Back in October I wrote about the Autumn Pasquale case, one of the most appalling and senseless negro crimes ever documented on this site. A young White girl visited two "teens" after being promised parts for a bicycle. She was murdered and her corpse was dumped in a recycling bin, another victim of the undeclared one-sided race war. Then it got even worse, as the negro dog shit that committed this crime openly mocked the victim's family. Fortunately, this heartless and moronic behavior led to their capture. Unfortunately, we have "over crowded" prisons and punishing typical negro behavior has become a very low priority.

Dante Robinson, initially charged in the death of Autumn Pasquale, was released from a youth correctional facility Tuesday, according to sources close to the case. 

Yes, you read correctly. This criminal negro has been released after taking part in one of the most horrific negro crimes in recent memory.

In afternoon court proceedings, Dante, of Clayton, pleaded to fourth-degree obstruction in Family Division Superior Court Judge Colleen Maier’s courtroom. The teen, who has been in the Camden County Youth Correction Facility since last fall, was sentenced to six months in jail and released with time served, according to a confidential source.

Dumping the dead body of a White girl you helped kill is now "fourth-degree obstruction" in today's U.S.S.A. As the rule of law erodes, these crimes continue to multiply. The media is silent. Our government wants amnesty, communism and foreign war. The educational system encourages it.

“Dante Robinson was released from custody today. He admitted no crime,” said Chris Hoffner, the teen’s attorney on behalf of the family.

"I din do nuffin'!"

“This confirms what we always knew. Dante did not hurt the decedent and was not involved in her death or the moving of her body. People may not want to believe it, but the truth prevailed today, and Dante is home.”

In a sane society this slimy bastard and the shit-colored animal he released would face a much harsher sentence. In our sick, kosher ruin we can expect this criminal turd to be rewarded.

 This worthless, moronic piece of shit killed a White girl and went unpunished.

Last month Justin Robinson, now 16, pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter after taking sole responsibility for luring the pre-teen to his house and strangling her.

We are forced to share living space with these hate-filled, dangerous living fossils.

He was sentenced on Sept. 12 to serve 17 years in state prison of which 85 percent, or about 14 years, must be served before he is eligible for parole.

Apparently there are no tree limbs or ropes in New Jersey. A fourteen year sentence for murdering a 12-year-old White girl in cold blood, dumping the body and then mocking the victim's family. I'm feeling so much anger right now I can barely think straight. Anger at the worthless alien that rewards our endless pandering and hand-outs with this sort of horror. Anger at the criminals in our government who allowed this to happen. Anger at the dinosaur media who ignored this story. Anger at Whites, yes that's right, who avoid the truth about racial reality and slumber in front of the kosher negro ball on the telavivision. Decades of cowardice and this is the end result. A joke sentence for a nightmarish murder.

“Mr. Pasquale respects the court’s order,” said Doug Long, Anthony Pasquale’s attorney who would not make additional comments about the obstruction plea or Dante’s release.

What is there to respect? Slaps on the wrist. A White girl who will never grow up, never marry, never have White children, all because of the pathology of the nigger. Yes, I'm breaking my own rule. I need a word even stronger, but it will have to do. 

There's nothing more to say. Hopefully the U.S.S.A. will collapse very soon. Knowing this modern madness will soon end in total economic, racial and spiritual collapse is cold comfort, but for now it's all we have.


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