Diversity Disaster: Negro Monsters Abduct Hispanic Girl

The cultural marxist assures us that once Whites have been destroyed it will signal the end of racial conflicts. After all, it's the evil "racism" of Whites that causes the massive pathology of the alien races we're forced to share our nations with. "Racism" like decades of every special treatment and magical government giveaway imaginable. "Racism" like being too polite.

In reality White civilization is the only force capable of somewhat containing the inherent bad behavior of the outsiders that flood our nations. Today this controlling influence is as weak as it has ever been, and we're beginning to see the "victim" groups turn on each other, in anticipation of the full-blown all against all that will come if the planned destruction of Whites is successful. When the fire of White civilization goes out, the long night awaits.

In an apparently random home invasion, robbers broke in, demanded money and jewelry and when they were told there was none, abducted a 14-year-old girl and killed the family dog, authorities in the Atlanta area said.

More "random" negro pathology. "Me no habla money or jewelry" was met with senseless violence against an animal and the abduction of a teenage girl. This is the negro anti-soul.

Police continued searching for Ayvani Hope Perez on Wednesday, a day after her abduction.

In the absence of the highly desirable White victim, she will have to do.

The FBI and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation were assisting Clayton County police in the massive search for the teen. Police were stopping cars Tuesday and checking them during the search.

Police state. Erosion of rights. All to keep the thin veneer of order. All because we are forced to live with 85 I.Q. criminals.

Two men, described as wearing black clothing and armed with handguns, pried open a back door of the home in the Ellenwood area around 2:15 a.m. Tuesday, demanding the items, Clayton County police Officer Phong Nguyen said. The home invasion was apparently random, Nguyen said told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

When Whites are gone this is what the U.S.S.A. will look like.

The dark future.

"It didn't appear that they knew each other," he said of the suspects and victims. "They just moved in about a month ago."

Evolutionary dead end committed "random" crime.

Police on Wednesday had the street blocked off and were not letting people through. Officers were keeping news reporters and onlookers well away from the family's home.

...and this accomplishes what, exactly?

La-teen-ohs here for a better life. Negro criminal garbage. A police force more concerned with trampling our constitutional rights than actually catching the dark monsters. Every day the collapse draws closer. This is the "celebration of diversity." This is the funeral pyre for the West. 


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