Elderly Woman Attacked By Negro Garbage

Whites are being targeted for destruction. Our kosher educational system serves up endless "White man bad" propaganda while failing to teach anything else. The talmudvision vomits out endless anti-White drivel. Watching the idiot box would give you the impression that Amerika is 50% negro, at least. Our elected criminals have nothing to say about the undeclared, one-sided race war, as they're preoccupied with lining their own pockets through undeclared wars outside of our borders. Meanwhile, the most vulnerable Whites are being attacked by brown sewage.

A Danbury man appeared in court Monday, for allegedly breaking into a senior housing complex and attacking an 85-year-old woman who lives there.

Police say the man is wanted in three states.

Of course our "over-worked" police can't be bothered to capture this living fossil. Thought crimes have to come first, after all. This worthless animal has no place in a civilized nation, and neither do the careerists and marxists that unleashed it.

It's hard to imagine, someone targeting an elderly housing complex to steal from. Then, beating up an 85-year-old grandmother.

It's hard to imagine a White person doing it. For the "African American" this sort of pathology has become commonplace, even as every effort is made to distract Whites from noticing the race war now raging.

"I don't know. I'm very hurt, you know?" said Francisco Colon, a resident.

"Ey, vato loco, I'm here legally, and by that I mean illegally. At least I didn't beat no old lady, I theeennkk."

"I've known him all his life. His aunt and uncle brought him up and he was a good person until he got with the wrong people," said Roos.

Good people, turning the life around. An aspiring rapper, basketball player or supreme court justice.

On Saturday, police say Jackson forced his way into her apartment and attacked her. Hearing screams, a neighbor and child tried to help. They say he threatened them with a gun and left.

We need to be armed.

Jackson is charged with burglary, assault, and home invasion. His next court date is September 26th.

Thanks to "over-crowded" prisons and the inherent "racism" of punishing typical negro behavior this monster should be back on the street soon.

Full Story.

The real life negro is very different from the one you see on the synagogue in the living room. Low I.Q., poor impulse control and blind hatred for Whites leads to crimes like the above. We can't have a free and open society with them in it. We need a White nation.


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