Negro Hero Athlete Uses X-Box to Attack Woman

It's almost time. In a few days millions of slumbering Whites will be parked in front of the telavivision watching a jew controlled corporate sports league. These Whites will be chugging beer with a little "K" or "U" on the bottle, pissing and puking on themselves and worshiping the amazing negro athletes that can sometimes exert themselves for three or four consecutive seconds without completely collapsing into exhaustion. Our natural and healthy tendency toward nationalism is perverted and harmlessly funneled by the wire-pullers into rooting for the "home team," a team that is probably at least 80% non-White.

Meanwhile, it's the off-season for the African Tree Hockey, which means the usual moronic criminality is in full swing.

Basketball star DeAndre Liggins is facing charges of domestic abuse and battery with a dangerous weapon following an alleged assault on his girlfriend using an Xbox and a fan.

Imagine if White support for the kosher sports racket was suddenly withdrawn. It would be out of business in a week. Animals like "DeAndre" would return to well deserved obscurity. We have the power to make this happen. Stop supporting your own displacement and destruction, White man.

In a report on ESPN, Liggins 'punched' Ms Horton, then 'kicked in' the door to a bedroom after she locked herself in.

85 I.Q. living fossils kicking in "da doe." Whites worship this piece of garbage and pay for its bloated lifestyle.

An affidavit filed on Tuesday claims he then pushed her to the ground, 'stomped on her with his foot' and dropped a fan and Xbox on her head.

"Ahm gwine drop dis Ex Box on dis hoe."

Note the prominent brow ridge.

The 25-year-old has denied the charges.

"I din do nuffin'."

The affidavit goes on to say Ms Horton was left with bruises on her chest and back, as well as injuries to her hands and fingers.

Physical evidence is racist.

Turn off the sports and stop supporting the cultural marxism. In stead of sitting in front of the electronic synagogue for eight hours this Sunday, poisoning yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, do something productive for your self and your race. We're in a fight for survival. There's no time to waste.


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