No Escape From the Rot

Awhile ago some relatively high-functioning negro left a comment asking me why I don't write about all the White pack attacks on "African Americans." The short answer was "they never happen, ever." In the long answer I joked about how I'd have to somehow cook up stories about things like the "Oshkosh Rot." Oshkosh is an overwhelmingly White city located in rural Wisconsin. It's also the site of the latest black pack attack. This is how far the all-consuming "minority" pathology has spread. An area that is 3% negro produces a racially-motivated negro swarm beating worthy of any of our urban Africas. This is how emboldened the 85 I.Q. alien has become. In an overwhelmingly White community they're the ones on the attack.

A 23-year-old Princeton man was severely beaten with a metal pipe by a group of four-to-six men early Saturday morning near High Avenue and Division Street in Oshkosh that left him with severe head and facial injuries.

There is not going to be a presidential speech or a march for justice. The victim's jacket is not going to be displayed by the Smithsonian. The rot continues, spreading into every corner of our dying nation. Running away is no longer an option.

Nichols said the 23-year-old was punched by a black male, who ran away after being chased. The black male later returned and swung at the 23-year-old from behind with a metal pipe.

When the negro is not dangerous: in a fair, one-on-one fight. When it is dangerous: when it's behind you, armed with a pipe and backed up by the amazing diversity of five identical looking and behaving evolutionary dead-ends.

“A group of male blacks knocked the 23 year-old male to the ground. The 23 year-old said there were 4-6 males that were punching and kicking him,” Nichols said in a news release. “The 23 year-old was able to get up and run from the area to a friend’s house.”

Fifty-plus years of sacrifice, wasted money, special rights, walking on eggshells, and lies. Here's the end result. Simian garbage with no concern for the law or even the fact that they were in a heavily White area. White generosity has been viewed as weakness.

  Miss Oshkosh 2011. Later stripped of the title for shoplifting. Negro appeasement taken to an insane degree in a city that's over 90% White.

Nichols said the 23 year-old described the first male that had the pipe as black, 20-24 years old, about 6’ tall and wearing a black hat, blue jeans and a white tank top. The female was described as white, 5’4” to 5’8” tall, slim and was wearing a white tank top and blue jeans. The other males involved in the battery were black with no further description.

There was even a snow hoe. Suspects are "black." That's all we have. No arrests made. The final dissolution of our country inches closer.

The attempt to buy-off good behavior from the negro has failed spectacularly. The attempt to ignore their pathology and be as polite as possible is just more "racism" according to the dinosaur media. Here we are, stuck with animals that simply refuse to comply with the very modest rules of a civilized White nation. The only answer is their removal.


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