Police Ignore One-Sided Race War

It's hard to say for certain, considering how many black attacks on Whites are completely suppressed, but it seems like the undeclared, one-sided race war is entering a new phase where the attacks are not only commonplace, but are accepted as right and proper by the authorities. We're approaching a point where "prison amnesty" and "we could never arrest all these brown people" will be the way things are in the U.S.S.A. As long as the electronic synagogue keeps vomiting out kosher sports our enemies feel confident that this coming outrage will be "tolerated" by the majority of slumbering White victims.

A couple’s early-morning walk in the world famous French Quarter of New Orleans turned into a nightmare when they were beaten savagely by three black attackers in a horrifying scene that was caught on camera.

Just another hush crime for the memory hole. It seems these crimes are now occurring with clockwork regularity. Our criminal government and dinosaur media remain silent. How much longer can they ignore America's terminal disease?

Then it got worse: The responding police officer decided it wasn’t worth filing a report.

Why bother, right? Our "over-crowded" prisons are already full of the rich diversity of identical looking, thinking and behaving "African Americans." This proves that the justice system is "races." To make up for that it's time to ignore negro pathology, just like we're already ignoring it in our schools. It's wrong to punish the negro monster.

According to the local CBS affiliate, the three perpetrators surrounded, verbally abused and then attacked the two victims as they walked through the French Quarter around 6 a.m. on Saturday.

Another "random" attack that certainly wasn't racial in any way.

The woman was punched in the mouth, while the man was tackled and had his face stomped as he lay helpless on the ground. The male victim suffered a concussion and a severely broken jaw that required surgery.

The content of their character.

The video, despite breaks, caught most of the action leading up to the violence. It shows the two victims, both white, crossing the street as they are stalked by three young, African-American males who then surround and strike them.

Many Whites in America are like free-range cattle, wandering around in a clueless fog, being selected for slaughter. This is why you need to avoid negro areas, be armed and be aware of your surroundings. The police aren't going to protect you. They don't even care.

Despite the evidence shown in the video and the report of the victims’ friend to the responding officer, the policeman ruled the call “unfounded” and didn’t write a report of the incident.

Another appalling racially-motivated crime buried. You have to wonder how many never, ever, see the light of day. The small percentage that gain enough traction to come to my attention are just the tip of the iceberg. We are being targeted for extinction.

The usual "high quality" footage of the dark rot.

The officer, who was about to go off his shift at 7 a.m., even told the friend who detailed the crime to him that there was “zero” chance of the assailants being caught.

Besides, we're spending most of our time and energy harassing White Thought Criminals. A White person says "nigger?" We'll nail that evil devil. Black pack attack? Zero chance, Whitey. 

“Black mob violence is severely underreported in this country,” Flaherty told WND. “This is just the latest example. The cop did not investigate. Did not file a report. This also happened recently in Green Bay, where a mob attacked two off-duty policemen. And it happened this summer in Minneapolis, where a black mob robbed and beat a local radio personality. Police did not take a report and even asked him what he expected being in that part of town. One witness said the police even called the man a ‘pussy.’

The Land of the Fee and the Home of the Slave. 

If the one-sided undeclared race war is entering a new, more deadly phase, and there's every reason to believe that, we need to be even more vigilant. Get out of the negro area. Do whatever it takes to get that done. Be armed. Be prepared. We're now dealing with apathetic police. No rule of law. Lying politicians. Bread and circuses from the telavivision. This is the next stage of the rot. The collapse is getting closer. 


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