The Affirmative Action Killer

We all know the story by now. Another negro mass-shooting to add to the pile. The usual efforts from the dinosaur media to erase the race and now the inevitable excuses and "explanations." We need to lose our gun rights. Expect another push to take away our freedoms from the kosher criminals. Others are blaming video games and White "racism." Everyone agrees that diversity is great, that the division of our country along racial lines while Whites slumber played no role, that "affirmative action" discrimination is a great thing. Turn in your guns, Whitey. Go back to your negro ball. Stay asleep.

Alexis, 34, who was shot dead on Monday after killing 13 people at Washington's Navy Yard, also carried a .45 handgun tucked in his trousers with no holster "everywhere he went" because he believed people would try to steal his belongings.

It was only a matter of time before this animal went crazy. Then it happened.

He also felt racially discriminated against, and believed he had been financially "screwed" over a contracting job in Japan at the end of last year, friends said.

This is the mindset of the average American negro, after fifty-plus years of pouring money and blood into this failed race. Everything is "races." If they fail it's because the system is unfair. We're constantly bombarded with this kosher message. It's nonsense. Whites have endlessly tried to uplift the negro, to the point where it's become comical. We're still bad.

The addiction to violent video games and guns was at odds with his devout commitment to Buddhism,

"I be not religious, I bees spiritual, gnomsayin?"

Friends said he appeared to have a "chilled" personality and enjoyed watching American Football on television.

Negro killer "chills" while watching the jew-controlled sports.

Much of that was spent in several different homes with his best friend Nutpisit Suthamtewakul, 31, his wife Kristi, 35, and Mr Suthamtewakul's parents.

Diversity is truly our greatest strength.

He had a couple of issues with being black. He felt he hadn't been treated right, not by the Navy, just generally.

The mindset of your average American negro. Entitlement. Narcissism. Hatred for Whites. We can't share a nation with these bitter, hate-filled genetic and cultural outsiders.

Mr Suthamtewakul said he saw mail that indicated Alexis was receiving regular cheques from the government for "some problem with his feet."

Another negro massacre, funded by the White tax-paying sucker.

Now it's time for the lies and then the inevitable attack on our rights. No one learns anything, even though the obvious lesson is right there in the open. "Diversity" doesn't work. It leads to bitterness, isolation and violence. This is why we need our own White nations.


  1. ""Diversity" doesn't work. It leads to bitterness, isolation and violence."

    Egalitarian communes breed dissonance. It is a good message if only people could understand it.


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