The Detroit Blackout

We can expect to see the slow and steady collapse of our infrastructure continue as the Whites maintaining it are dead or fled and their non-White replacements lack the ability and foresight to maintain what the White man built. Then the slow transformation into Africa and the endless night accelerates. In Detroit, that night has already fallen.

A major power outage is affecting Wayne State University, the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, the City-County building, the Detroit Historical Museum, and the People Mover in downtown and Midtown Detroit.

“Some institutional public lighting customers are experiencing service interruption caused by extreme heat, cable failure, and routine maintenance — all combining causing system overload,” said Robert Warfield, a spokesman for the Detroit Mayor’s Office.

Wayne State spokesperson Jessica Archer said the campus would be closed for the rest of the day, Wednesday, after about half of all buildings — maybe 40 or 50 — lost power.  She said they would decide later about Thursday’s schedule.

Passengers aboard the People Mover were directed off at the nearest station. The People Mover is closed until further notice.

Presiding judge Kenneth King said continuing problems with the city’s aging electrical grid are a huge security concern.

“That’s a whole different dimension in very scary proposition,” King said. “Now, because we can’t use the elevator, the deputy sheriffs have to escort the prisoners down a dark stairway.”

“The Public Lighting Department is asking customers, once power is restored, to only turn on lights …. not to use air conditioners or other non-essential appliances,” Warfield said.

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