Veteran Returns Home to Undeclared Race War

Foreign wars are a good thing, according to our elected criminals on the talmudvision. They help defend Israel. They distract public opinion away from fifty-plus years of disastrous racial pandering that has brought our nation to the brink of collapse. They line the pockets of the profiteers. They kill young White males. Those that escape the bullets and bombs return to a ruined country that wants them dead. They return to the undeclared, one-sided race war.

A Navy veteran studying at Boston University was hospitalized after he was attacked early Saturday morning near his downtown apartment, police and a family member of the victim told CBS Boston.

The White destruction trifecta: serving in the American golem, attending a communist indoctrination center and being the latest "random" victim of the seething anti-White hatred typically found in the negro.

Police say Michael Stinnett, who served eight years as a Navy weapons instructor, was near the Massachusetts statehouse and the Boston Common when he was attacked by three people who had been driving by in a dark car.

You'd think a veteran would know better than anyone the importance of being armed and vigilant, but the endless lies seem to be having their intended effect of keeping most Whites asleep and vulnerable.

According to CBS Boston, a witness told police three black males got out of the car and began fighting with Stinnett.

Stop me if this sounds familiar...

Rewarded for his service with a black pack attack.

Stinnett suffered bleeding on the brain, along with bumps and bruises, according to a family member, and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

This horrific attack has received no national attention. It goes into the memory hole to be forgotten. Keep watching your negro ball, Whitey. Look at that boy run.

The U.S.A. of our ancestors is gone. In its place is the U.S.S.A., a dysfunctional collection of competing victim groups preying financially and physically on the White tax paying sucker. We owe no allegiance to this mess.


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