Another Racially Motivated Attack, Another Elderly White Victim

It's not a good time to be White and vulnerable in what was once America. The negro knows that even the most heinous attack on a White victim is unlikely to result in serious punishment and will, of course, be completely ignored by the dinosaur media and our elected criminals. The only thing keeping the current undeclared race war at the level it's currently at is the fact that the average negro is a total and complete coward. So we get pack attacks on lone, unarmed victims. When the numbers are equal the 85 I.Q. genetic alien preys on the weak: Swipple do-gooders, women who thought dating one would be "cool" after watching the electronic synagogue, the old.

When police released the surveillance video of the man beating and robbing the 75-year-old victim, a Central Detective recognized the suspect in the video as the defendant in the robbery on the 2000 block of N. Broad Street.

Somehow they were able to make this connection based on the dark smudge in the usual "high quality" footage. A dangerous brown monster is sent to the "crib" for a little while and then released to prey on Whites again.

Sucker-punched by worthless negro coward.

The video shows the 75-year-old victim standing at a counter purchasing lottery tickets. Out of nowhere, the suspect sucker-punches the victim in the right side of his head, causing him to fall to the ground.

We need to be armed and vigilant. You don't relax around the blacks. Avoid the negro areas when you can. When you can't be ready for "polar bear hunting" attacks.

While on the floor, the suspect continued to punch and kick the victim in his head and body. 

So of course this piece of dog shit is being charged with attempted murder, right? Serious time behind bars? Oh, my mistake. I forgot our prisons were "over-crowded" and it's "races" to punish the pathology. This creature will be back on the street soon. 

The suspect stole the victim’s lottery tickets and $40 in cash and then ran out of the store.

The content of their character.

Diversity, our greatest strength.


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