Bowling for Balkanization

Whites derive no benefit from the presence of non-Whites. At best the result is a sullen, resentful underclass that provides a constant resource burden. At worst we get what we currently have: open race war, out of control welfare state and endless lies and excuses from the bastards who profit from the collapse. When that collapse comes it's possible that the former U.S.S.A. will divide into smaller nations along racial lines. Free from the White man's protection, the negro will revert to African all against all. It's already happening.

Jamont Atkins, of Newark, has died after someone threw a bowling bowl at his head in the melee inside Stelton Lanes, which hosted the College Bowling Bash party. 

We let them vote. We give them special rights. We pay. This is the result. A bowling ball as a murder weapon. Massive, Africa-style dysfunction. The end of a nation.

Officers who arrived on the scene discovered Mr Atkins lying unconscious on the floor inside the bowling alley.

Genetic alien killed by bowling ball.

The situation quickly escalated, and several other people got involved in the feud. At some point, someone hurled a chair and a bowling bowl, which struck Atkins in the head.  

We tried to pretend this sort of typical negro behavior was compatible with Western Civilization.

According to his Facebook profile, Atkins graduated from Malcolm X Shabazz High School, where he studied culinary arts, and worked at FedEx Federal Express.

So far, no arrests have been made in connection to Atkins' death, but Newark police detective Todd Ritter told the Star-Ledger that investigators are looking to talk to 'people of interest,'

The rule of law continues to erode as Africa and El Salvador annex large portions of the former America.

Another entry for the "we're not equal" files. Another small example of the content of their character. Another reason we need White nations.


  1. White people complaining about blacks being violent obviously have a selective memory.

    1. A lame Tu quoque argument, nice. Do they even teach things in school anymore?

    2. You seem like the type that lives in an all-white neighborhood but still blames minorities for every thing bad in your neighborhood. I doubt you've ever been around a black person but you act like all that's awful in your life is due to black people. You're a failure at life and want to blame it on an easy scapegoat.

    3. That's very intolerant and prejudiced, Mr. Johnson. Shame on you.

    4. Nope It's the truth. I know your type bro.

      a bird poops on your car you'd blame it on minorities.


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